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Land Desktop - Creating a Project Filter

If you use definitions or keywords when you create a project ( Like the actual project name ....say I have a project number 059-07 and I give it a keyword of Cielo Grande) I can quickly filter out all of my projects by setting the filter in the project manager and then the only project that shows up is the ONE that I am looking for. This would mean that you would need to define your keyword(s) for your projects at some time. You can do this even after you have opened and worked on the project by going into the project manager and clicking on the Project Details button and adding your keyword(s) You can add more than one, but the filter only sees one word at a time. This will make those archived projects easier to remove from your project list and if you only work on a few, you can make it so that only the projects you work on will show up in your dropdown list. To do this, all you would have to do is add a keyword that would be dedicated to you, (like your last name as an example) and then, when you open the Project Manager, Set your filter to look for your last name.

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