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New Label Options in Civil 3D 2007

Civil 3D Reference Text:

With reference text, you have the ability to bring data properties from one object label to another object label. For instance, if you want to add a surface elevation into an "Aligment Station/Offset" label, now you can. Currently, you can add Reference Text from Surfaces, Alignments, and Profiles into any other label in Civil 3D.

Quick how to: The way you do this is by adding a component to the label the way we have done previously, but instead of a line or text component, we add a "Reference text" component

Civil 3D Expressions:
One label I have wanted to make for a long time is a label that shows both the Top of Curb (TC) and Flowline (FL) all in one label. With expressions, now you can. You can set up a formula expression that always extracts the elevation from the Top of Curb followed by subtracting a value for the Flowline.

Quick how to: To add expressions, go to the Settings tab and open up the Label Styles for Surfaces, Alignments, or whatever and you will see Expressions. Right click on Expressions to add another expression which can then be used in the Label Style.

Civil 3D Note Labels:
Now there is a general note label that incorporates the properties of other Civil 3D labels, including "Layout" state and "Dragged State" that we have become familiar with.

Quick how to: Go to the General pull-down menu and you will see the option to add a General note label

Civil 3D Line and Curve Labels:
Now we can label bearing and distance data and curve data on Lines, Curves, and Polyines. Previously, we could do this on Aligments and Parcels, but not on these primitive objects. Additionally, for the display of the bearing, you can use short names with spaces, i.e. N 58d45'45" E, which we could not do in the 2006 version.

Quick how to: Go to any "Add Labels" option under any of the pull-down menus like Surfaces, General, or Alignment and change the Feature option at the top of the dialog box to Lines and Curves.

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