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AUGIWorld January 2012 Issue Released... Get Advanced

One of life's great truths - and something AUGI members know all too well - is that we never stop learning. Just when you think you've mastered your Autodesk product of choice, you stumble across a blog post, read an article, or install a new software release and find that, yes, there is more to learn.

Get ready to learn something new! Leading off is "AutoCAD System Variable Superstars" by Louisa Holland, who will take you on a tour of some time-tested sysvars. Discover efficient AutoCAD Civil 3D modeling techniques for roundabouts from Bryan Tanner. And learn all about the Autodesk Inventor Moldflow Adviser plug-in from Mark Flayler.

And that's only the beginning of your learning experience this month. Here’s more.

AW201201-200x260Also in the January 2012 issue of AUGIWorld:

AUGI Product Review - The HP Z210 gets a work out from reviewers Bill Debevc and Lonnie Cumpton in a brand new AUGIWorld feature.

Ini or Outie? Advancing Your Customization of the Revit ini File - Do you use Revit Architecture as it is right out of the box or do you customize? Steve Bennett gives you some tips, techniques, and a bit of code for customizing the ini file.

Green Networks: A Solution - Find out how you can go green (and save some green!) in this article by James Clifton.

When Cranes Fly - Join Michael Smith for a lesson in Navisworks Animator, a tool that lets you create a scene with model objects. This little-known tool can make a big impact in a walkthrough.

Plumbing Systems for Well-Documented Flow - If you're new to Revit MEP, plumbing can be daunting. Author Joel Londenberg helps you through it.

Scheduling: The Basics and Beyond - Revit Structure users are probably familiar with the software’s basic scheduling tools. Learn how to automate them and speed up the drafting process in this article by Glenn Jowett.

Rendering Basics - You need to learn to crawl before you can walk. Melinda Heavrin will teach you some fundamentals about rendering in AutoCAD Architecture that will prepare you to advance.

Wicked Solutions - James Salmon is back with another article in the Wicked series for the BUILT industry. Up this month, Wicked Solutions to your Wicked Problems.

Autodesk Insider: 14 Questions with Brian Haines - As Industry Marketing Manager for AEC at Autodesk, Brian keeps busy talking to users about their needs and working with Autodesk developers to deliver products to meet those needs.

Also in this issue...

Heads Up – Updates, Service Packs and Top Known Issues obtained from the product pages at Autodesk.com.
Inside Track – Recent developments from Autodesk and related software items.


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