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AUGIWorld September 2012 - Salary Survey and much more

The 11th Annual AUGI Salary Survey results can be described as "tradition with a twist." As in years past, Melanie Perry, AUGI Salary Survey Manager, presents the array of salary and employment data gleaned from the responses of AUGI members to our annual survey.

And, in keeping with tradition, the survey results are presented in the September 2012 issue of AUGIWorld magazine - conveniently presented just in time for end-of-the-year bonus and pay increase consideration. Readers will have no shortage of information to which they can compare their own professional situations with those of their AUGI peers.

AW201208-200x260 The twist comes with some new questions we asked this year. Respondent's answers provide insight into the financial state of members' companies and the extent to which leading edge technology is being used. Interesting new comparisons and a look at AUGI Salary Survey responses over its 11 year history make for compelling reading.

And once you’re done poring over the survey, check out the other articles in the September issue...

Autodesk 360 Mobile - Scott Moyse investigates this new Autodesk offering - its highlights, drawbacks, and potential.

Myth Buster: Revit & IFC - Martijn de Riet debunks the so-called debate between Open BIM versus Closed BIM. Revit is capable of importing and exporting IFC models. The author shows you how.

Schedule Tables in AutoCAD Architecture – Melinda Heavrin offers up a primer on schedule tables, from basic terminology to creation lessons.

Revving Up Revit MEP – Megan Green explores ways to use MEP efficiently and effectively and with an eye toward your firm's bottom line.

Quick Fixes for Small Errors – Michael Smith takes on those nagging little glitches in Navisworks Manage and delivers solutions.

Consistency through Templates – Anamaria Brown shows you how to create a consistent look between Revit Structure and AutoCAD by way of templates.

Follow the Money: The Climate in Archviz – Tom Cipolla poses three key questions to four major players in the visualization arena.

Also in this issue...

Retaining Talent - Okay, you’ve hired the CAD whiz kid. Now what? Walt Sparling discusses ways to keep your best talent satisfied.
Inside Track - Recent developments in Autodesk and related software.


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