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AUGIWorld October 2012 - Customizing Autodesk Products

AUGIWorld October 2012 Issue Released!

If you were to line up all the Autodesk product users who use their products in an out-of-the-box state with original factory settings, the line of users likely wouldn’t be long enough to circle a city block. New users quickly discover what veteran users have known for a long time - Autodesk products were made to be altered. Whatever you call it - tweaking, setting your preferences, customizing - just about every user does it.

In the October 2012 issue of AUGIWorld, our authors discuss how (and sometimes why) they customize their Autodesk products.


For example, Mark Flayler demonstrates "A 10-Point Inventor Makeover" you may wish to emulate.

Melinda Heavrin shows you "Efficient Customization with the CUI" in AutoCAD Architecture.

And Michael N. Smith reveals ways to squeeze every drop of efficiency out of Navisworks Manage in his article "Exploring Options in Navisworks." There's a lot more in this issue - so check it out.

Also in the October 2012 issue of AUGIWorld...

AutoCAD Resources: To Network or Not to Network - Louisa Holland, a little put out by a colleague who claimed AutoCAD is not easy to network, offers proof why her counterpart is wrong. Bonus: AutoCAD customization tutorial from Michael Beall.

A Recipe for an Interactive Façade - Karen Kensek and Winston Kahn with step-by-step, fool-proof instructions for making a façade.

Build-a-Part - Elisha Sage dives deep into some complicated features in AutoCAD MEP. The result is easier generation of data in drawings, among other benefits.

Making Sense out of Data Interoperability in the BIM World - As author David Butts prepares to teach at Autodesk University on this very topic, he offers a preview and some solid advice.

A Promising Option for Truss Design - Stephen Young presents some third-party options for truss layout and design, plus usage tips.

Also in this issue...

Breaking through the Roadblocks - Author Christopher Fugitt with some customization tips that will help users of AutoCAD Civil 3D get the desired results.
Inside Track - A number of free products or free trial offers that enhance a variety of Autodesk products.


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