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AUGI User Groups - The Recent Updates

AUGI has been working on a new Local User Group listing system and recently unveiled the newest features.

Local User Groups (LUGs) are a collection of Autodesk product users that have face to face gatherings and usually focus on one industry or product suite. They meet to discuss and exchange ideas, provide input to their members, share tips and offer advice to new users and experienced pros. AUGI has always been a huge supporter of Local User Groups formation and operations. These groups, which are self-governed, have partnered with AUGI to encourage users to join their specific group and often extend an open invitation to become an AUGI member as well.

We now offer search features for our extensive list of User Groups. Now you can find one in your area with ease. By using the search feature you can limit the search to your state or area, then thin it down by product focus or industry. This quick and easy filtering is interactive as it filters the list real-time. It has never been easier to find a user group in your area.

We also now have expanded listing information for Affiliate LUG's.

Affiliated LUGs are those groups that have chosen to mimic AUGI in structure, purpose and function.  They embrace the “Member First” mode of providing what their members need. They embrace the “self-governed” mode of leadership in that fellow members manage them. Resellers are encouraged to participate at every level but the leaders of the group are everyday users, not reseller staff. Lastly, they promote AUGI within their meetings and to their membership. Becoming an Affiliated AUGI LUG is an option for groups that want to be listed as such with AUGI, but it is not required.

Check out the new pages today.



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