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AUGIWorld June 2013 - Third Party Apps

If you're reading this, you're already well entrenched in the Autodesk camp. You're an unabashed fan of Autodesk products. Yet sometimes you need a little something more to make Autodesk products perfect for your particular environment. Enter the add-in, add-on, or third-party app-whatever you call it, few Autodesk product users haven't at least shopped them at some point and scores are using them regularly to great advantage.

The June 2013 issue of AUGIWorld tips the hat to third-party apps compatible with Autodesk products. For example, AutoCAD Architecture guru Melinda Heavrin explains how to Create, Edit & Share with Google SketchUp.

Join Shaun Farrell and Rory MacTague on Adventures with Revit Plug-Ins. And Monica Petersen helps you tell the difference between stellar apps and also-rans with her article Five Tips for Selecting Quality Apps.

Also in the June 2013 AUGIWorld...

Property Wizardry at Its Finest - Scott Moyse interviews Sean Dotson and Neil Munro, developers of IPropWiz, an Inventor add-in created to simplify and ease the management of component properties.

Supporting Roles - Don't get frustrated, get help. Christopher Fugitt highlights third-party tools that "fill the gaps" in AutoCAD Civil 3D software.

Dynamic Workflow - Michael N. Smith on the importance of understanding the workflow of nwf files in Navisworks Manage.

Understanding View Range - Get to know the View Range concept with this in-depth article by Jerad Meidinger.

Also in this issue...

•    Backstop Backstory - You may never watch basketball the same way again after reading Larry Daubenspeck's article containing behind-the-scenes programming. Bonus tip from Michael Beall: how to copy the Qleader Arrow in AutoCAD.

•    Inside Track – Lee Ambrosius presents up-and-coming products for Autodesk users. This month: PDF-based collaboration, a new mobile app, and more.


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