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My BILT Asia 2017

I was very pleased to be in attendance at this year's BILT ASIA 2017 conference in Singapore. I attended the RTC Asia 2015, and I found that the overall scope has expanded greatly, it was highly informative, inclusive and I'm confident that it will benefit my work directly.

Before setting out for this year's conference, I thought about what I hoped to gain during the three days. Primarily I was interested in learning about BIM strategies that would demonstrate its potential to stakeholders in the industry and accelerate its adoption. I was also excited to hear about the up-to-date advancements of the technology and future aspirations of the experts in the field of BIM. Now that the conference is over, I'm happy to report that I was very satisfied with content of the conference and I feel that not only were my questions answered, but I was also able to gain a wider perspective of the challenges faced, and strategies used, by people working throughout the industry. I think that the format of having experts guiding us in a variety of relevant sessions and then also having the social functions made the conference very successful for me.



I could get much more information from the sessions that I mentioned in my last article. Additionally I want to highlight a very interesting session during this conference - Joseph Cory's class 'BIM Common Ground In Different Scales – NetZero Houses, LEED Platinum Building And A Green Campus'. In this class I recognized that the concept of sustainability is crucial to the industry and to the building owners particularly. These days owners are more and more interested in obtaining a 'green standard' for their buildings and Cory demonstrated how his sustainable projects work and how he is able to take advantage of BIM and related technologies. Memorably he said, 'Using the right technology. Using the technology right'. I think this is very fitting to our industry right now. We must continue to reduce our impact on the environment and embrace the technology which helps us do so most efficiently. It was a great chance to think about how and what we use the technology for.

Perhaps the most satisfying part of this conference was the community aspect that I was able to join. Everyone I met in the conference was passionate and encouraged each other. We were able to share experiences and discuss solutions. I learned that we all face challenges with new technology and that many of us have new roles in our industries that require us to take the initiative. Attending this conference and meeting these people has given me a renewed passion for my involvement in a dynamic and progressive part of the AEC industry.



Thank you to the RTC and everyone involved in BILT ASIA 2017. I hope to see you all next year!


It sounds like fun!

Yes, it is important to involve all the stakeholders in AECO industry to implement BIM process successfully for DESIGN, MAKE, USE of building life-cycle. Also, technolgy is the investment for innovation of the future, not a cost for improving the past. BE PART OF THE CHANGE!!!

I could not attend BILT this year, but I hope I can join next time!

technology is the back born of every improved nation.Any nigerian who have participate in this meeting. i have interest in attending next year's meeting.thanks

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