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BILT ANZ 2017, Day 3

We made it! Three full days of BIM and BIM-adjacent discussions have come to a close, and all of us are gathering our thoughts and our notes and preparing to head back to our regular lives.

I stepped away from my usual structural focus to attend a few construction sessions this morning.

The first was on layout & verification during construction. It was a great overview of how to incorporate survey work into VDC, and included some nice tips like a Dynamo graph for setting the extents of a section box to match levels in the Revit project. We were also reminded that US Survey Feet are not the same as International feet...not by much, but it matters! I think the Aussie crowd was happy that they don't have to deal with that nonsense--meters for everybody!

The second session discussed BIM as used by subcontractors (primarily MEP), and was about evenly split between a case study of coordination methodologies and a selection of tips for Navisworks. My favorite point: It's not enough to detect clashes--you have to fix them too! (Do we need to rename "clash detection" as a strategy?) Also, did you know that pressing Shift when you click Options in Navisworks uncovers an additional set of items? Now I want to try that on other programs!

In the afternoon, I attended a double session on change management. Confession time: From the title of the session, I thought it would be about model management (Architect: "Here's our new model." Me: "Okay, what changed, and how can I update my model to match?") Instead, it was about organizational change management--things like implementing processes or promoting cultural shifts. Still a fascinating topic, and I have a few new concepts to take back with me, to see if I can apply them to my own department.

The conference officially closed with a short plenary session, with highlights from the week and acknowledgement of the committee members and staff who make everything possible. This evening, we'll all celebrate at an 80's themed dinner...I'm prepared for a lot of neon! 

If you think this sounds fun & interesting...you're right! BILT won't be back in Australia until 2018 (just announced for May 24-26 in Brisbane), but registration is now open for BILT North America 2017 (August 3-5 in Toronto) and for BILT Europe 2017 (October 5-7 in Aarhus). I highly encourage you to check out their agendas and see if there are sessions there relevant to your work. I bet there will be plenty!

It's been a pleasure attending and blogging this week, but it'll be good to get back home. Until next time!



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