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AUGIWorld September 2016 Issue Released!

AUGIWorld September 2016
It is well known that AUGI members are always willing to share information with their fellow members. Often this peer-to-peer sharing comes in the form of tips for making the most of the software you use, workarounds to employ until the next software releases solve product limitations, and other sage advice. Recently, more than 4,200 AUGI members shared something more—and all AUGI members will benefit.

The results of the 15th Annual AUGI Salary Survey are in! Created, organized, and analyzed by long-time AUGI volunteer and member of the Board of Directors, Melanie Perry, the AUGI Salary Survey presents interesting cuts of data which go far beyond what you earned last year.

Insights into job satisfaction, what industries are experiencing heavy workloads and what industries could be a little busier, what percentage of respondents got a raise, what percentage didn’t, and a whole lot more are included in this year’s survey.

Thank you to the AUGI members who participated!

Also in the September 2016 AUGIWorld…

Revit MEP Families Simplified — Todd Shackelford breaks down Revit families and presents methods and other practical advice.

Max Efficiency — Time to hit the library, and Brian Chapman shows you how to create and manage content libraries for use in 3ds Max.

Leveraging Corridors and Feature Lines within Civil 3D 2017 — Shawn Herring demonstrates how AutoCAD Civil 3D is improving corridor modeling.

Shared Coordinates Help Achieve Project Success — Elizabeth Byrne and Tim Kivisto show the benefits of the powerful Shared Coordinates feature in Revit.

Working with Roofs — The topic is roofs. The software is AutoCAD Architecture. Melinda Heavrin steps you through styles, editing, roof tool creation, and more.

Also in this issue…

Putting the Q in the QAT — In this comprehensive article, Sam Lucido explores the Quick Access Toolbar in AutoCAD 2017.

Configuring Your Workstation for Autodesk Software — In this month’s Tech Insights article, Robert Green presents some key considerations for determining how to get maximum performance from your workstation.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen with three new AEC-related software offerings. This month: Archetris Schema, a cloud-based app for early-stage architectural design tasks; Tracing Paper, a drawing tool for the iPad, iPad Touch, and iPhone; and Sweets, a building product resource for searching, selecting, and annotating manufacturer building product data directly into projects.

AUGIWorld September 2016 Issue Released!


AUGIWorld August 2016 Issue Released!

AUGIWorld August 2016
It has long been recognized that collaboration among disciplines is key to the success of any project. But just why it is critical—and what can happen when effective collaboration is absent—is not always clear. In the August 2016 issue of AUGIWorld, our experts seek to show you why collaboration matters and to offer tips for how to accomplish it successfully.

Joshua Geimecke answers the question “How Important Is Collaboration?” with a look at why collaboration isn’t always done and advice on how to get started.

In the article “Collaboration with Autodesk Design Review,” author Melinda Heavrin shows you the many ways work can be shared among users of Autodesk Architecture software.

Want to know more about working with staff down the line? Then don’t miss a single article in this information-packed issue.

Also in the August 2016 AUGIWorld…

What is the Best Computer for Revit? — Jay B. Zallan takes you computer shopping with some handy tips for finding Revit-ready computers for use by management, the “superstars,” and the general users.

Giving AutoCAD the Boot — Andrea Alderton believes it’s time for AutoCAD to go, and she offers up compelling reasons why it’s time for users to think outside the (AutoCAD) box.

Collaboration Tips — To author Walt Sparling, collaboration is only as effective as the communication involved in the process. Email, the cloud, and more are discussed here.

Better Site Coordination and Topography: An AutoCAD Civil 3D and Revit Workflow — Adam Nicholes examines a method for coordinating the Autodesk Revit building model with the AutoCAD Civil 3D site plan.

Tutorial: Collaboration with 3ds Max and Stingray — In this step-by-step, Brian Chapman shows you how collaboration works beautifully among these two Autodesk products.

Also in this issue…

Priorities — CAD Manager Mark Kiker follows up last month’s article on creating a tech manager’s task list with a closer look at how to prioritize all those tasks you need to accomplish.

New Intel Xeon Processors Accelerate HP Z440 and Z640 Workstations — In this month’s Tech Insights column, Robert Green shares speed stats that are sure to please Autodesk power users.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen introduces three new products for the Autodesk AEC community. This month, HatchKit for Revit, a graphical hatch pattern editor for editing existing patterns or creating new ones; CTC BIM Manager Suite, 10 tools in a bundle for Revit releases 2014–2017; and RhinoToNavisworks, which permits the viewing of Rhino models (*.3dm) in Navisworks releases 2015–2017.

AUGIWorld August 2016 Issue Released!


AUGIWorld July 2016 Issue Released!

AUGIWorld July 2016
Spotting trends is tricky, particularly with technology, because it’s tough to know what new feature or functionality is set to emerge that will make today’s hot trend yesterday’s old news. Still, AUGIWorld authors aren’t afraid to take an objective look at where we are now and predict a bit where we are headed.

In the July 2016 issue, a few authors weigh in on “the state of the industry.” For example, Joel Londenberg looks at fabrication features in Revit MEP five years after Autodesk’s acquisition of MAP Software. What Joel finds in the product today—and what he still would like to see—are detailed in “Fabrication for Revit MEP – 5 Years In.”

Jay Zallan turns a critical eye toward AECO in “Reconstructing the AEC Practice: Success in AECO, BIM & Revit.” Jay rolls out what he believes firms need to do in order to move forward with BIM.

There’s more prognostication in this issue, as well as the usual helpful how-to articles… enjoy!

Also in the July 2016 AUGIWorld…

Can CIM Be Done in Civil 3D? — Stephen Walz explores how Civil Information Modeling (CIM) can be done with AutoCAD Civil 3D software. You’ll get some great, practical advice in this article.

What if… #BIMisREVIT — Lola Carbajal investigates the collaboration and management that still needs to take place before BIM is a practical solution for everyone who may benefit from it.

ACA Display System: One and Done — Melinda Heavrin demonstrates the beauty of AutoCAD Architecture’s Display system, where you draw an architecture object only once and then use the software’s many settings to mold objects to fit your exact needs.

The Future of Visualization — Brian Chapman has fun looking at how far products such as 3ds Max have come and what’s on the horizon for this software and others.

Also in this issue…

Tech Manager’s Task List — CAD Manager Mark Kiker shares his approach to getting tasks done—the time-honored “to do” list. But, as Mark will tell you, creating the list is just the beginning of the process.

4K Displays for 3D CAD — In this month’s Tech Insights article, Robert Green highlights some great monitors available from HP and offers some advice on what to consider before you upgrade.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen introduces some new AEC-related products and enhanced offerings. This month: BIM Helper Tools that can be launched from the Revit ribbon; DWG-PURGE for quickly purging one or multiple AutoCAD drawings; and Topo Align, which features three commands for working with topo surfaces.

AUGIWorld July 2016 Issue Released!


AUGIWorld June 2016 Issue Released!

AUGIWorld June 2016
Most users of Autodesk products strive to squeeze every ounce of functionality out of those products. And for many, their Autodesk product of choice delivers everything needed to perform their jobs. Others, however, may turn to third-party apps for additional help, whether due to specific requirements of their industry or their own desire for some distinct functionality not included in their Autodesk product.

To its credit, Autodesk has long championed the innovation of its developer community, encouraging and facilitating developments in the third-party software market. In the June 2016 issue of AUGIWorld, our product experts explore some of the third-party products for Autodesk users.

You can see some of what’s available for 3ds Max users from Brian Chapman’s “Third-Party Options.”

Gareth Spencer focuses on just one product in his article, “Enhanced Reinforced Concrete Detailing with GRAITEC Advanced PowerPack for Revit.”

Not currently in the market for a third-party app? No problem—check out the other articles full of implementation tips for those who have recently purchased Autodesk products.

Also in the June 2016 AUGIWorld…

Revit in the Global BIM Toolbox — Natasha Luthra takes a look at BIM adoption as the basis of design delivery for public projects in Norway and Finland.

Reseller MEP Apps for Revit — Todd Shackelford taps the Autodesk reseller market to see what apps resellers bring to the table for Revit MEP users.

Moving Day: Are You Ready for this Transition? — Oscar Castaneda helps out with tips for implementing Autodesk’s Infrastructure Design Suite and Infraworks 360. Begin with making sure you have the right hardware to power the software and go from there.

Implementing CAD Standards in ADA — Melinda Heavrin offers users of AutoCAD Architecture 2017 sage advice on the need for CAD standards and how to implement them.

Silence Is Silver, Communication Is Golden — Jean Goyat and Kaushal Diwan take a deep dive into best practices for Navisworks Manage in the construction industry.

CSI: CAD Standards Implementation — Sam Lucido brings common-sense implementation tips to AutoCAD users.

Also in this issue…

Civil 3D and Third-Party Apps — Steve Hill demonstrates the benefits of a handful of third-party apps for AutoCAD Civil 3D and tells you where to find them.

Praising the Praises of Praise — Mark Kiker believes CAD managers could use a little help when it comes to praising their employees. Learn why you should praise, how best to handle it, and when is a good time to deliver kudos.

Innovation at the Component Level — Robert Green looks at some exciting developments in components from HP.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen looks at third-party developments in the AEC industry. This month: Ideate Explorer for Autodesk Revit, which facilitates easy searches for Revit elements; Scope Box Synchronizer that lets users import all or selected Scope Boxes from a linked Revit project; and, which brings Maya Viewport 2.0 content to Oculus Rift.

AUGIWorld June 2016 Issue Released!


AUGIWorld May 2016 Issue Released!

AUGIWorld May 2016
Spring arrives just ahead of the new Autodesk product releases. And, as with every new release, product users begin contemplating whether to upgrade now, later, or wait for the next one. Luckily for AUGI members who are on the fence, there is a community of peers from whom they can gain insight about the new features in the 2017 releases of AutoCAD, Revit, 3ds Max, and more.

From conversations in the AUGI Forums to the information in the May 2016 issue of AUGIWorld, AUGI members will have no shortage of information on what’s new in the latest Autodesk products.

In “New Features, Great and Small,” Brian Benton investigates AutoCAD 2017 and finds a lot of nice little updates and a big-deal feature—the ability to import PDF geometry.

Brian Chapman dives into 3ds Max 2017—a “New Release, Packed with Improvements.” From enhancements in the software’s interface to ART, the new renderer, the new release of 3ds Max is sure to please. There is plenty to ponder in this issue… read on.

Also in the May 2016 AUGIWorld…

Features, Fixes, and Enhancements — Jay B. Zallan takes you through new features and enhancements in Revit Architecture, then explores improvements at the Revit platform level.

Making New Connections — Kimberly Fuhrman discusses enhancements in Revit Structure 2017 including Structure Connections, a new add-in.

FABulous — Todd Shackelford has been following Autodesk’s steady improvement in fabrication workflows and he reviews fabrication capabilities in the new Revit MEP release.

Performance Enhancements in ACA — Melinda Heavrin takes a deep dive into AutoCAD Architecture 2017’s improvements in the user interface, styles browser, roof outline editing, and PDF support, among others.

Enhance Your Workflows — Shawn Herring calls AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 the most productive release to date. In this article, he hits the product’s highlights.

Also in this issue…

Helping 2D Subcontractors in a 3D World — Matthew Hill draws on his experiences as an AEC BIM Services provider to help subcontractors navigate the BIM landscape.

Resistance Is Fruitful — CAD Manager Mark Kiker observes how employee resistance to management-driven change can actually benefit managers—if they follow some simple guidelines.

Why You Can’t Afford Cheap Computers — Robert Green does the math and shows you how old, slow computers actually cost you more over time.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen presents three new offerings for Autodesk and related software. This month, new capabilities in the FormIt app, which allows users to easily capture building design concepts; an application for easy creation of wood beams, joists, rafters, plates, hips and valleys, along with tags and beam schedule; and Photosynth, a set of 3D viewing tools.

AUGIWorld May 2016 Issue Released!

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