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AUGIWorld July 2014 Issue Released!

AUGIWorld July 2014
Management is an aspect of everyone's job. You may lack a management level title or job description, but managing your drawings, your personal workflow, your productivity, is a big part of your professional life. With that in mind, the July 2014 issue of AUGIWorld delivers strategies for the manager in all of us.

In "Managing Your Project Data with Autodesk Vault," Bryson Anderson discusses the importance of data management and shows how Autodesk Vault can assist in this endeavor for users of AutoCAD Civil 3D software.

Curt Moreno challenges AutoCAD users to step up and manage quality assurance and quality control in "QA/QC and CAD: Why It Doesn't Matter (Because You Don't Do Either)."

You'll pick up some great management advice from these and the other articles in this issue.

Also in the July 2014 AUGIWorld...

BIM Management Preamble - Jay B. Zallan shows you how to get to the top of your game in this article that offers a basic outline for managing the BIM process.

How to Import/Export Custom Tab Content - In the AutoCAD space, tip guru Michael Beall presents a lesson in moving custom tab content from one AutoCAD version to another.

The Hidden Impact of NOT Having a CAD Manager - Mark Kiker envisions a company without someone acting as CAD manager. It's more costly than you might think.

Revit Fails and Fixes - Todd Shackelford provides advice for working around Revit software's issues with speed, visibility, and more.

Ten Best Practices for Better Revit Performance - CASE and HP present a tidy list of 10 actions you can take today to increase Revit performance.

Inside the Display System - AutoCAD Architecture expert Melinda Heavrin takes managers, and others, through the software’s Display System.

Also in this issue...

Max Management Tips - Brian Chapman explores the Scene Explorer feature in 3ds Max 2015.

Product Review: The BenQ BL3200PT - For those who think there's nothing noteworthy about monitors, Curt Moreno introduces you to one that might just change your mind.

Small Business Design Data Management - John Evans looks at collaboration via the cloud for small and medium sized businesses and some of the developers that are facilitating it.

AUGIWorld July 2014 Issue Released!


AUGIWorld June 2014 Issue Released!

AUGIWorld June 2014
Autodesk has long championed third-party applications that add functionality to its core software. The Autodesk Developer Network was formed years ago to support the Autodesk third-party developer community in the creation of solutions for users in niche markets and those with other specialized needs.

The June 2014 issue of AUGIWorld looks at some of the third-party apps for Autodesk products.

For example, in "A Robust & Versatile Dynamo," author Marcello Sgambelluri has high praise for Dynamo, a programming aid for Revit and other Autodesk products.

"How ACA Users Benefit from SketchUp" has author Melinda Heavrin demonstrating the advantages of Google SketchUp for AutoCAD Architecture users.

And Shawn Herring presents "Easy & Effective: ProSoft PowerTools," which explores a collection of tools for civil designers and engineers.

Also in the June 2014 AUGIWorld...

Simplify Structure Engineers' Workflow with Add-ons - Renata Jociene dives into apps that enhance Revit Structure.

Powerful Para 3d - Brian Chapman presents Para 3d, a 3ds Max plug-in for advanced, dynamic, parametric arrays.

Dynamic AutoCAD - Walt Sparling acknowledges the many third-party applications available for AutoCAD, but finds a powerful solution within AutoCAD itself. Also in the AutoCAD space, tip contributor Michael Beall presents a lesson on modifying settings for the Select Similar command.

Flatten Files in Autodesk Inventor - John Evans looks at Flatter Files, a cloud-based solution that allows users to easily and securely access their companies’ drawings and associated data.

Also in this issue...

Remote Collaboration with Revit - This month's CASE/HP article explores collaboration in many forms and presents various solutions for collaborating effectively.

Third Party "Chaps" - With a little word play, Mark Kiker describes how you can tap the creativity in others and be a valuable resource for them, too.

Inside Track - Lee Ambrosius's column offers a peek at new products available in the Autodesk community. This month: the SuperDoor Add-in for Autodesk Revit, the BIMLink 2015 and Explorer for Revit, and JTB FlexReport 8.0.

AUGIWorld June 2014 Issue Released!


AUGIWorld May 2014 Issue Released!

AUGIWorld May 2014
You have successfully convinced management that you need to upgrade to the newest Autodesk software release. Now what? What happens after the software is unpacked or downloaded? It would be great if all you had to do was install it. But there’s so much more to a successful implementation than the mere act of installing the software. What you need is an implementation strategy.

Fortunately, the May 2014 issue of AUGIWorld has a wealth of information to assist you when implementing Autodesk 2015 releases.

Philip Russo fills you in on what to expect when implementing Revit Structure in his article "So You Want to Upgrade to Revit Structure 2015."

In "Getting Over the Implementation Bubble," David Butts draws from his own experience bringing Revit MEP into his firm.

And Curt Moreno encourages you to "Put on Your Implementation Hat" and plan, wisely and well, for a successful AutoCAD 2015 launch. And this is just the beginning in an issue packed with implementation strategies.

Also in the May 2014 AUGIWorld...

Easing the Pain of Deployment - Gordon Price shows you how to steer around some common obstacles when deploying Revit Architecture.

How Success Can Lead to Failure - CAD Manager Mark Kiker warns you not to rest on your laurels, even after a successful implementation. There are lessons to be learned from our successes as well as our failures.

Implementing Integrated Visualization Workflow - Tom Cipolla demonstrates a smart path for synchronizing image creation with a BIM mindset.

Successful Civil 3D Implementation - From getting management buy-in to training users, Shawn Herring hits the high points of implementing AutoCAD Civil 3D software.

Workspaces in ACA - Melinda Heavrin dives into the use of workspaces in AutoCAD Architecture.

An Introduction to Surface Continuity - Paul Munford demonstrates hard surface modeling in Autodesk Inventor.

Tech Insights: Design Visualization - This month's CASE article explores the visualization options available to Autodesk Revit users and show how designers can get the most from these options.

CNC Cut Files with Autodesk Product Design Suites, Part 2 - Scott Moyse, with Gavin Bath, wrap up a series of articles based on their Autodesk University 2013 course. In the conclusion, they cover iPropWiz, a third-party tool you can use to prepare manufacturing information associated with your designs.

Also in this issue...

Hardware Review - David Harrington reviews the Xi® MTower™ PCIe Workstation.

Digital Plan Set Publishing with Digital Signatures - Brad Hofman discusses how his firm achieved the capability of implementing digital signatures on PDF plan sets.

AutoCAD Tip of the Month - Michael Beall demonstrates the effective use of Layer Walk in AutoCAD.

Inside Track - Lee Ambrosius introduces new Autodesk-related products. This month: Piping infrastructure design with Urbano; PDF3 Report Gen, which converts 3D designs into interactive 3D PDF documents; and the Cloud Renderer for Revit.

AUGIWorld May 2014 Issue Released!


AUGIWorld correction

In an effort to provide AUGIWorld readers with the most timely information on the 2015 release of Revit, the articles in the April issue of AUGIWorld, the annual "What's New from Autodesk", were written based on functionality in the beta releases.

Beta releases provide Autodesk with an opportunity to get user feedback on new functionality to ensure that it performs to the satisfaction of their customers, and functionality in testing is not always aligned with commercial release plans. The images and descriptions of Family Browser and MEP Fabrication Parts features described on pages 11, 23, and 26 were erroneously included in our reporting of the Revit 2015 releases.


AUGIWorld April 2014 Issue Released!

AUGIWorld April 2014
As predictable as the switch to Daylight Saving Time is Autodesk's release of new versions of its major products. New releases are always of great interest among Autodesk product users - will their product "wishes" be granted with functionality they've been waiting for? Will the new releases fix old issues? What technological advances has Autodesk incorporated into these 2015 products?

AUGIWorld authors have been hard at work testing Autodesk 2015 products, and they answer these questions and more.

John Evans presents the impressive array of new features and functionality in Inventor in his article, "Something New for Everyone."

In "What's New in Revit," Jay Zallan explores changes to the Revit platform.

And Michael Smith discusses the significant enhancements to Navisworks in the areas of quantification, cloud rendering, and markups in "Quantification Gains Strength." Joining these are articles on the updates in other major Autodesk products.

Also in the April 2014 AUGIWorld...

What's New with You? - Mark Kiker encourages you to look beyond software upgrades and take a hard look at how you might upgrade yourself.

Optimum Performance: Hardware for Revit - CASE and HP discuss the impact of software upgrades on your hardware.

Usability Enhancements - Christopher Fugitt explores AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 and finds several noteworthy improvements.

One Small Step - In Revit MEP 2015, Todd Shackelford finds that a few product improvement wishes were granted and discusses some of the Revit platform changes that will benefit MEP users.

Performance, Productivity Increases - Brian Chapman looks at 3ds Max 2015 and quickly picks out two features that he predicts will be popular with users: ShaderFX and Quad Chamfer Modifier.

The New Stuff - Brian Benton presents the updates in AutoCAD 2015. Brand new features and updates to existing ones are discussed in detail.

Also in this issue...

Enhanced Reinforcement and Analytical Model Control - Philip Russo discusses the enhancements to Revit Structure 2015. Autodesk continues to fine-tune the product's reinforcement and analytical capabilities.

Spaces in ACA - Melinda Heavrin brings users comprehensive lessons in AutoCAD Architecture. In this issue, she explores the use of Spaces.

Inside Track - Lee Ambrosius checks out the newest Autodesk - related offerings. This month he presents VRMesh Triangulation for AutoCAD, Proplanner Flow Planner, and Daylighting Analyst for Autodesk Revit.

AUGIWorld April 2014 Issue Released!

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