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AUGIWorld May 2016 Issue Released!

AUGIWorld May 2016
Spring arrives just ahead of the new Autodesk product releases. And, as with every new release, product users begin contemplating whether to upgrade now, later, or wait for the next one. Luckily for AUGI members who are on the fence, there is a community of peers from whom they can gain insight about the new features in the 2017 releases of AutoCAD, Revit, 3ds Max, and more.

From conversations in the AUGI Forums to the information in the May 2016 issue of AUGIWorld, AUGI members will have no shortage of information on what’s new in the latest Autodesk products.

In “New Features, Great and Small,” Brian Benton investigates AutoCAD 2017 and finds a lot of nice little updates and a big-deal feature—the ability to import PDF geometry.

Brian Chapman dives into 3ds Max 2017—a “New Release, Packed with Improvements.” From enhancements in the software’s interface to ART, the new renderer, the new release of 3ds Max is sure to please. There is plenty to ponder in this issue… read on.

Also in the May 2016 AUGIWorld…

Features, Fixes, and Enhancements — Jay B. Zallan takes you through new features and enhancements in Revit Architecture, then explores improvements at the Revit platform level.

Making New Connections — Kimberly Fuhrman discusses enhancements in Revit Structure 2017 including Structure Connections, a new add-in.

FABulous — Todd Shackelford has been following Autodesk’s steady improvement in fabrication workflows and he reviews fabrication capabilities in the new Revit MEP release.

Performance Enhancements in ACA — Melinda Heavrin takes a deep dive into AutoCAD Architecture 2017’s improvements in the user interface, styles browser, roof outline editing, and PDF support, among others.

Enhance Your Workflows — Shawn Herring calls AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 the most productive release to date. In this article, he hits the product’s highlights.

Also in this issue…

Helping 2D Subcontractors in a 3D World — Matthew Hill draws on his experiences as an AEC BIM Services provider to help subcontractors navigate the BIM landscape.

Resistance Is Fruitful — CAD Manager Mark Kiker observes how employee resistance to management-driven change can actually benefit managers—if they follow some simple guidelines.

Why You Can’t Afford Cheap Computers — Robert Green does the math and shows you how old, slow computers actually cost you more over time.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen presents three new offerings for Autodesk and related software. This month, new capabilities in the FormIt app, which allows users to easily capture building design concepts; an application for easy creation of wood beams, joists, rafters, plates, hips and valleys, along with tags and beam schedule; and Photosynth, a set of 3D viewing tools.

AUGIWorld May 2016 Issue Released!


AUGIWorld April 2016 Issue Released!

AUGIWorld April 2016
You don’t have to have a manager’s title to do a manager’s job, as anyone working in any aspect of the design industry can tell you. Whether you are overseeing the work of a group of people or are responsible for your own piece of a project, solid management principles and techniques will prove valuable.

The April 2016 issue of AUGIWorld focuses on management, with our authors presenting tools to help you manage whatever you need to manage, better.

Philip Russo shows you how to “Manage Your Communication” for Revit Structure projects.

In “Increasing Adoption of BIM by Owners,” John Barkwell explores how owners are turning on to the value BIM brings to their projects.

You’ll gain some management tips from every article in this information-rich issue.

Also in the April 2016 AUGIWorld…

Dynamo for MEP — Simon Moreau demonstrates how Dynamo can be used with Revit to improve calculation features and create new workflows for designing in Revit.

Revit vs. Modernist — Christopher Rossetto recounts how an innovative approach to training and a little friendly competition produced a long-lasting impact on Revit Architecture professionals.

Creating Sections in ACA — Melinda Heavrin takes a deep dive on how to create and update sections in AutoCAD Architecture 2016.

PDF Plus — Brian Benton whets your appetite for the new release of AutoCAD with this preview of AutoCAD 2017’s enhanced PDF functionality.

How Productive Can Productivity Packs Make You? — Shawn Herring lays out the many benefits you’ll get from Productivity Packs 1 and 2 in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016.

Also in this issue…

Material Management — Brian Chapman demonstrates how to create a convincing scene in 3ds Max software.

Resistance Is Futile — Mark Kiker helps Tech Managers view resistance to new or upgraded technology in a positive light.

The CAD Argument for HP Mobile Workstations — Robert Green shows why you don’t have to sacrifice power when opting for portability.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen discovers three new products for users of Autodesk and related software. This month: a 3D printing app for Autodesk Fusion 360, a productivity toolset for Autodesk Revit, and a view reference add-in for Inventor.

AUGIWorld April 2016 Issue Released!


AUGIWorld March 2016 Issue Released!

AUGIWorld March 2016
A common denominator among all Autodesk product users—newbies and veterans alike—is a love for tips and tricks. These productivity boosting hints are part of every user’s software arsenal and it seems the longer you’re in the business, the longer your list of these handy helpers.

Fortunately for everyone, AUGI members love to share their knowledge with others! The March 2016 issue of AUGIWorld is devoted to tips & tricks from our experts.

Kicking it off is Jaiprakash Pandey showing you how to keep your go-to AutoCAD tools close by in his article, “Easy Access to Favorite Tools.”

And in the CAD Manager column, “A Tip of the Hat to Old Tricks,” Mark Kiker helps you keep your software usage tricks in order, including recognizing when it’s time to retire some of your long-time favorites.

And there’s much more in this issue… enjoy!

Also in the March 2016 AUGIWorld…

Streamlined Rendering in ACA — Melinda Heavrin steps you through the rendering process in AutoCAD Architecture 2016. Learn how to create, apply, and modify materials.

Peer-to-Peer Learning Resources — Melanie Perry provides advice for navigating the AUGI Forums and putting a wealth of information at your fingertips.

Tricks with Scripts — Brian Chapman presents time-saving tips for designers with 3ds MaxScript language.

Using Revit Structure for More Than “Revit Structure” — Jean Goyat and Kaushal Dwan demonstrate some tips for using Revit Structure that smooth construction workflow.

Intel Integrated Graphics — Author Robert Green shows why integrated graphics, as opposed to add-on graphics cards, can bring better results.

Bridge Modeling — Oliver Langwich shares some insight from a feasibility study he conducted regarding German bridge modeling using Revit Structure.

Also in this issue…

Grade On! — Gabrielle DeAnda finds a lot to like about AutoCAD Civil 3D for grading projects.

Formulas & Families — Todd Shackelford helps Revit MEP users truly improve the design process by using formulas and families to handle redundant tasks.

When BIM Is BIM… Comparing AutoCAD BIM and Revit BIM — In the first in a series of articles, David Butts defines the common features in a BIM approach using different software products.

Helpful Tips for InfraWorks 360 — Tony Carcamo offers a handful of tips for improving your use of InfraWorks 360 and Civil 3D 2016 software.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen finds three productivity-boosting products for users. First, EasyGrid helps create grid lines easily and quickly. IRhino 3D lets users view Rhino 3DM files on their tablets, phones, and more. Finally, REVITKeys gives you a list of 158 keyboard combinations for Revit versions 2010–2012.

AUGIWorld March 2016 Issue Released!


AUGIWorld February 2016 Issue Released!

AUGIWorld February 2016
We’ve all been beginners at one time or another. Those in the design world often must start at the beginning—with new software, with a new twist on a familiar technique, or with something as perspective altering as BIM.

In the February 2016 issue of AUGIWorld,our experts offer great advice for everyone, from AutoCAD newbies to those just getting started with Revit Structure.

In “BIM for Beginners: An Introduction to Building Information Modeling within Infrastructure Projects,” Michelle Rasmussen focuses on three key benefits of working with BIM models,

And Sam Lucido helps AutoCAD beginners find their way to great learning resources in “CAD Advice from an Expert Elite.”

There is much more in this issue—for beginners and everyone else.

Also in the February 2016 AUGIWorld…

Two-Click Coordination — Jerad Meidinger presents a dramatically simplified procedure that allows Revit MEP users to visually coordinate Revit model elements.

Don’t Over Kick the Revit Coverage — Jay B. Zallan expounds on the beauty of simple workflows.

What Makes Revit Structure Different — Jason Boehning puts Revit Structure users on the path toward mastery learning.

Annotations in AutoCAD Architecture — Melinda Heavrin explores AutoCAD Architecture 2016’s annotation capabilities from keynotes to callouts, and more.

Also in this issue…

Understanding Your Processor Options — Robert Green helps design professionals become discriminating hardware buyers.

Retopologizing a Mesh in 3ds Max — Brian Chapman offers a tutorial on “creating from scratch” or retopology with 3ds Max tools.

At the Risk of Repeating Myself, Let Me Repeat That — Mark Kiker demonstrates how media mixing can help with the all-important task of communicating.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen devotes this month’s column to Autodesk’s BIM 360.

AUGIWorld February 2016 Issue Released!


AUGIWorld January 2016 Issue Released!

AUGIWorld January 2016
With a new year comes the inevitable planning process-planning personal and professional goals to be achieved within the year. For most AUGI members, the goal to advance their knowledge and use of Autodesk products hovers near the top of their planning lists.

It is not by chance that AUGIWorld tackles “advancement” in the January 2016 issue. Murray Clack helps AutoCAD users with “Command and Setting Tips to Help You Advance.”

In “How to Customize Your Environment,” Melinda Heavrin demonstrates how to get AutoCAD Architecture tweaked to your liking so you can hit the new year running.

And there’s much more in this issue that prepares you for advancement in 2016.

Also in the January 2016 AUGIWorld…

Constructing an Interior Scene — Brian Chapman shows you how to use 3ds Max, VRay, and Photoshop to construct a superior scene.

Coordination View Templates (A Structural Perspective) — Raul Pacheco explores a procedure for developing coordination view templates for plans, floor slabs, and 3D views.

British Columbia MMCD Infrastructure Data Initiatives—a Standardized Approach — Andrew Walther addresses the requirements for consistent standards applicable to the BIM concepts of data movement and data sharing.

Views and Visibility — Todd Shackelford helps with a shared plan for visibility control and an analysis of Revit MEP’s visibility control tools.

Helping Others Decide, Part 2 — Mark Kiker continues his series on how leaders can help others make good decisions. In this article, complex decisions, chaotic decision making, and operating in crisis mode are explored.

Also in this issue…

Special Feature: AUGI Wish List 2015 — The top 10 wishes for each of Autodesk’s major products are presented here.

HP ZBook Studio 3G—Big Bang in an Ultrabook — Robert Green provides a closer look at HP’s quad core mobile workstation.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen presents three new offerings: FBX Review lets anyone view 3D models and animations across many platforms; Sketchbook Express for iPad lets users create doodles, quick sketches, and more; and a 15-day trial of AutoRoomLabel, which provides for one-click insertion of labels.

AUGIWorld January 2016 Issue Released!

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