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AUGIWorld June 2018 -- How Autodesk Users Win

AUGIWorld June 2018
Autodesk product users are lucky. They are among a robust community of fellow users who continually seek to make the products they use accomplish a bit more. In areas where a given Autodesk product’s functionality could use some strengthening, these innovators will often come up with an app to provide the needed boost or extend the functionality.

One needs to look no further than the Autodesk App Store to take advantage of these helpful tools. To make it even better, Autodesk itself has a long history of encouraging and supporting innovation among its users. Everybody wins.

The June 2018 issue of AUGIWorld focuses on third-party applications developed by the talented Autodesk user base.

In the June 2018 issue:

Bridging the Gap Between Drone and CAD — No doubt about it — drones are cool. But, as Shawn Herring illustrates in this article, you have to know what to do with the drone-captured data once you have it.

The Challenge of Implementation — Gareth Spencer discusses all the little (and big) things you need to consider when implementing new software.

Location, Location, Location — Where you are, physically, while at work can make a bigger difference than you might think. Mark Kiker explains.

Four Favorite Plug-ins — Brian Chapman shines the spotlight on four of his favorite 3ds Max third-party apps.

Realistic Trees, Step by Step — Matt Wunch takes you through the vegetation creation process in InfraWorks.

This Time It’s Okay—Keep Your Head in the Clouds — Greg Hines recalls his technology journey from school days to current day.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen presents three AEC-related products from Autodesk and its partners. This month: MapBoards, a utility for woodworking projects; Docuflow, which facilitates high-quality publishing of drawings; and an app that allows you to install scripts or add-ins from GitHub in Autodesk Fusion 360.

AUGIWorld June 2018 Issue Released!


AUGIWorld May 2018 -- Implementing new Autodesk releases

AUGIWorld May 2018
The new software is purchased, the installation complete… now for the interesting stuff. Ensuring a smooth transition to new software takes some forethought and planning.

“Winging it” is ill-advised. And even if you’ve done this a bunch of times, there are always tips you can pick up to streamline the process.

In the May 2018 issue of AUGIWorld, you’ll get just that—tales from our authors who share what they learned during their implementation processes.

In the May 2018 issue:

An Approach to Implementation — Jim Fisher, who faced the task of implementing a custom menu for his engineering group, shares his strategy.

The Forgotten Tools — Remember Revit Extensions? Gareth Spencer helps you rediscover these tools and highlights several standouts.

A Culmination: Advice I Give Myself, Part 3 — Mark Kiker wraps up his series with sage advice he has offered (and followed) over the years.

Creativity Unleashed — Brian Chapman discovers significant enhancements in 3ds Max 2019 and presents them here.

Beyond Installation: Implementing New Software — Michelle Rasmussen looks beyond new software features to the impact on BIM workflows.

Implementation Considerations — Oscar Castaneda discusses a good path for bringing a new InfraWorks release into your environment.

Also in this issue…

The Good, the New, and the Revit — Jay B. Zallan reveals how to find new and enhanced features in Revit Architecture whether you’re an expert, a seasoned user, or a beginner.

Seriously Simple Object Style Audits — John Pierson shows how Dynamo can help with the process of auditing a Revit file.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen presents three AEC-related products from Autodesk and its partners. This month: OneDrive, which allows you to easily bring existing OneDrive documents into BIM 360 or BIM 360 Docs; Markup, which facilitates collaboration among project teams working with BIM models; and Styler, a Revit ribbon and panel customization tool.

AUGIWorld May 2018 Issue Released!


AUGIWorld March 2018 -- Some of Our Favorite Tips & Tricks

AUGIWorld March 2018
The hope of picking up some new tips & tricks is one of the primary reasons user communities exist. The user-to-user contact, online or in person, provides the shortcuts, workarounds, hints, and techniques that help users perform their work faster, easier, and more effectively.

AUGI members reap the benefits of AUGI’s own “by users, for users” mindset from the Forums at and from the pages of AUGIWorld magazine. In the March 2018 issue, for example, AUGI members are the beneficiaries of a collection of our authors’ favorite tips & tricks for various Autodesk products.

Murray Clack kicks it off with his article, “I Work for Tips!” and AutoCAD users are sure to learn something new.

A few years ago, Brian Chapman presented 50 tips & tricks for 3ds Max users and he adds to that list in “20 More Tips & Tricks.”

And that’s just the beginning, so enjoy this issue’s tips & tricks treasure trove.

Tips for Nested Families — Philip Russo provides help with nesting families and organizing content in Revit Structure.

Productivity-Boosting CADD Nuggets — Jeff Frye enjoys sharing little tips he calls CADD Nuggets with others. Included in this look at some of his favorites are new uses for old commands.

Customized Grading Materials — Tony Carcamo demonstrates how to create customized materials and grading styles to create models for site pad grading projects with InfraWorks.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen presents AEC-related software from Autodesk and its partners. This month: an element renumbering product; a suite of products that enables Revit users to process workflows and import and export data; a plug-in that helps users prepare a 3D model for use on Microsoft HoloLens; and software that generates DXF files for use on cutting machines.

A Recap: Advice I Give Myself — Over the years, Mark Kiker has dispensed lots of great advice—to others as well as himself. In this article and in upcoming issues, he revisits some of these items.

Also in this issue…

Let’s Talk Tips — Jay B. Zallan sets you off on a journey of learning and exploration that begins with two simple Revit tips.

MEP Systems: Autodocumentation to Fabrication — Mark Mendez discusses design to fabrication and the steps in between.

AUGIWorld March 2018 Issue Released!


AUGIWorld February 2018 -- Helpful advice for beginners

AUGIWorld February 2018
We tend to think of beginners as younger people, fresh out of school, just getting started in their careers. The truth is that we can be beginners, or new users, at any point in our professional lives. For example, AutoCAD pros who have been in the business for decades may find themselves as beginning Revit users facing the same learning curve as their younger counterparts.

The February 2018 issue of AUGIWorld contains articles targeted to new users, wherever they are in their career span.

Professional Presentation for Designers — Brian Chapman covers the fundamentals of time, motion, blocking, and composition in 3ds Max.

Revit Electrical Systems — Crash Course — Todd Shackelford focuses on the highlights in this software, geared to new Revit users or those new to using the software for electrical design.

Renovation Mode in ACA — Melinda Heavrin demonstrates how AutoCAD Architecture’s Renovation Mode can easily identify objects and associate them with different phases of a renovation project.

Revit Structure for Beginners — Kenn Farr advises those new to Revit Structure to spend time up front getting a firm understanding of the software basics and getting training from external and/or internal sources.

Three Tools that Rock! — Ron Couillard provides a look at a trio of AutoCAD Civil 3D tools that aren’t new, but may have gone unnoticed by many users: Quick Profile and Quick Cross Section; Water Drop; and Stage Storage.

Also in this issue…

Rude, Crude or Shrewd — Mark Kiker explains why shrewdness is a trait for Tech Managers to cultivate.

Intro to BIG Data in AECO — Jay B. Zallan with an introduction to Big Data: what it is, some uses, and why it is so important.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen presents AEC software from Autodesk and others. This month: CTB Link, a Revit add-in that allows users to transform a CAD drawing before importing; SheetEz, a sheet management tool: and Novade Exporter, a plug-in that exports a 3D model to the Novade platform.

AUGIWorld February 2018 Issue Released!


AUGIWorld January 2018 -- Level Up with Advanced Features in Your Software

AUGIWorld January 2018
There’s no better time than the beginning of a new year to take your Autodesk software for a real test drive and explore the more advanced features the software has to offer. In the January 2018 issue of AUGIWorld, our experts help you discover advanced features in 3ds Max, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Revit MEP, and others.

In 3ds Max, for example, Brian Chapman presents five advanced topics for users in his article, “Advanced Techniques.”

And in the article, “Revit Formulas v. Type Catalogs v. Lookup Tables,” Todd Shackelford examines when best to deploy each option.

Read on for more advanced topics.

Quality Design Goes Beyond AutoCAD Files — Author Walt Sparling advises AutoCAD users to think about the implementation of their designs.

Free Form Rebar Basics — Jason Lush examines a feature in Revit Structure 2018 that allows users to better define the reinforcement in their structural model.

Tailor Your Interface — Melinda Heavrin demonstrates the Customize User Interface (CUI) Editor in AutoCAD Architecture 2018.

Buying Technology, Part 2 — Mark Kiker continues his list of questions to ask yourself and others as part of the diligent search for new and improved tools.

Advanced Features — Shawn Herring provides step-by-step instructions for using several advanced features in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018.

Also in this issue…

Inside Track — Brian Andresen presents AEC software from Autodesk and others. This month: The Pype, which allows users to easily transfer and manage their submittal logs in Autodesk BIM 360; Group Clash, a plug-in for Navisworks Manage that adds meaning to clashes found in complex models; ElementsJoiner pro helps users create different kinds of junctions between architectural and structural elements automatically; and Exploded View Generator is a script for Autodesk 3ds Max that helps users generate exploded views easily and efficiently.

AUGIWorld January 2018 Issue Released!

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