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AUGIWorld September 2017 --- Are You Paid What You're Worth?

AUGIWorld September 2017
Whether you’ve already had the annual “merit meeting” with the boss or it’s still looming on your 2017 calendar, it pays (literally) to enter the meeting with some hard facts. And figures. Among the benefits of an AUGI membership is the September issue of AUGIWorld magazine featuring the Annual AUGI Salary Survey.

Salary Survey Manager Melanie Perry collects and analyzes the salary, education, and work environment data that you and your colleagues provide, then presents it all in a cool mix of snapshots to help you determine where you stand in comparison to colleagues in your industry. Dive into the 16th annual survey and the other articles featured in the September issue.

AutoCAD for 3D Modeling and Visualization — Xavier Loayza speaks to those who are visual learners—about three-quarters of the world’s population. In this article, you’ll learn more about AutoCAD’s Point Cloud tools, adding context to visualization, and creating realistic renderings.

Customizing the Graphical Column Schedule — Jason Boehning and Marcello Sgambelluri team up to step you through the use and customization of the Graphical Column Schedule in Revit Structure software. This comprehensive article will give you what you need to make the most of this feature.

Tech Manager Show and Tell — Mark Kiker advises you to speak up about what you have accomplished. But as you’ll learn in this article, there’s a right time to do it, a proper way to show it, and a compelling way to tell it.

A Civil View from Your Seat — Todd Rogers offers a look at the Autodesk Collection featuring InfraWorks, Civil 3D, and Civil View software. With plenty of screenshots and how-tos, this article provides many helpful tips.

Get Fast, Stay Fast with Intel and HP — Go from zero to 60 with Intel, HP Turbo Drives, and HP Performance Advisor. Robert Green examines what you’ll need to achieve peak performance.

Also in this issue…

Expanding on Details — Brian Chapman expands on a previous article to show you how to add complex details to your 3ds Max scenes.

AEC Wall Objects — Melinda Heavrin explores walls in AutoCAD Architecture 2018. Wall styles, editing tips, customized wall surfaces, and endcaps are covered.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen presents three new AEC-related products. This month: Autodesk Live Viewer, which lets you open and explore interactive visualizations created in Autodesk Revit Live; AdvArray, a parametric array type modifier for 3ds Max; and Revision + Cloud Manager, which helps manage revisions, clouds, and sheets.

AUGIWorld September 2017 Issue Released!


AUGIWorld August 2017 --- Collaboration in Action

AUGIWorld August 2017
Collaboration is often talked about and occasionally put into practice, sometimes successfully so. When thinking about collaboration, we tend to focus on the human aspect. That is, it takes individuals to do the hard work of planning process and procedure, and for everyone else to buy in, to ensure that collaboration moves from theory to reality.

But there’s a technology element that should be considered as well—what can software tools do to facilitate collaboration? The August 2017 issue of AUGIWorld focuses on these concepts and more.

Collaboration in 2017 and Beyond — Joshua Geimecke explores the human side and technological side of collaboration and presents practical advice for moving forward. Then he discusses how newer technology may be used to enhance collaboration in the future.

Collaboration (and More) in 5 Simple Steps — Matt Wunch dives into the Autodesk AEC Collection with a close look at how effectively InfraWorks, Civil 3D, Revit, Navisworks and Live work together.

The Right Tools for the Job — Walt Sparling encourages AutoCAD users to think outside the box, literally, and consider a few other software tools in the drawing arena.

A Design Tour of the HP Z2 Mini — This month’s Tech Insights looks under the hood at HP’s pint-sized powerhouse.

Remodeling Your Tech Environment — Mark Kiker shares lessons he learned during a recent kitchen remodel and how they apply to the CAD/BIM/Tech environment.

The Project Navigator: The Center for Drawing Management — Melinda Heavrin investigates the Project Navigator in AutoCAD Architecture 2018—step by step and tab by tab.

Also in this issue…

Collaboration Tools in 3ds Max — Brian Chapman proves why help with collaboration may be as close as certain features within your software. Xrefs and the File Link Manager are highlighted.

The Workflow of the Future… Now! — Ron Couillard provides a look at a multi-software workflow that will advance projects faster.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen presents three new offerings for AEC users. This month: QuickSelect, an easy way to select elements in Revit; Modelo Exporter for Revit, a 3D-enabled platform that facilitates presentation, collaboration, and more; and WebGL Exporter for 3ds Max, which exports solid bodies into HTML.

AUGIWorld August 2017 Issue Released!


AUGIWorld July 2017 -- How Third-Party Apps Can Assist

AUGIWorld July 2017
Autodesk’s robust network of developers continue to roll out offerings that provide users with additional functionality for their core Autodesk products. The July 2017 issue of AUGIWorld highlights some of those offerings, and many others are as close as a trip to the Autodesk App Store where you can choose from, literally, hundreds of products.

Jonathan Albert takes a close look at a free app for production home builders that use AutoCAD Architecture 2018 in “LotSpec: Options Management App for Production Home Builders.”

In “Improve Your Water Distribution Workflow with PressureCAD,” Shawn Herring demonstrates how the tool bridges the gap between AutoCAD and AutoCAD Civil 3D.

As always, each issue of AUGIWorld covers a wide range of topics. This month’s content continues below.

Tech Manager = Task Master — Mark Kiker shares how he keeps the items on his growing “to do” lists organized and manageable with a number of paid and free task management tools.

A Closer Look at Collaboration — Walt Sparling circles back to the topic of collaboration and offers practical advice for communicating, coordinating, and using various AutoCAD tools to effectively collaborate with others.

Revit / Analytical Interoperability — Ken Farr investigates the Bentley Software-Autodesk Revit connection. Common workflows, integrating BIM and analytical models, and keys to success are discussed.

Covering Details — Brian Chapman with a lesson on adding interesting details to any scene in 3ds Max.

X2 Mini Workstations in Action — Robert Green’s conversation with a satisfied X2 Mini user reveals the performance and versatility of these small but powerful workstations.

Also in this issue…

Seven Songs about Scripts and How They Improve a CAD Manager’s World — Jisell Howe offers up several scripts that will have a positive impact on CAD managers and their ability to achieve automation goals.

The Tool as an Extension of the Hand: Part II in the Autodidact Series — Andrew Fastman examines the results of a scientific study and how the concept applies to BIM and the use of Revit.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen presents three AEC-related products for Autodesk users. This month: Lumion Plug-In, a tool for viewing model changes in real time; CadTempo, which allows users to track the time spent working in AutoCAD drawings; and Slicer for Autodesk Fusion 360, which turns digital 3D models into appealing artifacts.

AUGIWorld July 2017 Issue Released!


AUGIWorld June 2017 -- Implementation considerations

AUGIWorld June 2017
Okay, so you’ve licensed new software. Now what? Decisions await you, not the least of which is how to handle training, how best to roll out the new release, how to make sure the users are using the new software efficiently, and many others.

In the June 2017 issue of AUGIWorld, our authors help you manage implementation, among other things. These “other things” include managing your software licenses.

In Philip Russo’s article, “Protecting Your Software Investment,” you’ll pick up some good advice for managing your licenses and users.

And Jay Zallan provides insight into using a custom keynote database in his article, “Addressing Keynotes (in Addition to the CSI Kind).”

Read on to ease your implementation headaches.

The Tech Manager’s Time Crunch — Mark Kiker offers some timely advice for, well, managing your time. Follow these guidelines to help you stay on top of the multiple tasks that face you each day.

Managing Styles — Melinda Heavrin steps you through the Style Manager in AutoCAD Architecture 2018. You’ll learn how to create styles, work with drawings and templates, sort styles, and more.

Implementation of Arion Renderer — Brian Chapman demonstrates the benefits 3ds Max users can enjoy with the use of the Arion Renderer.

Tech Insights — In “HP ZBook Family Generation 4 — Power on the Go,” Robert Green introduces HP’s line of powerful, secure solutions that meet Autodesk software requirements.

Implementation: Change Is Coming — Phillip Lynch helps you navigate the minefield called standards implementation with some advice on dealing with users, getting buy-in from management, and other critical considerations.

Also in this issue…

Plentiful Plug-Ins — Dat Lien and Xavier Loayza team up to bring you a nice collection of plug-ins for AutoCAD 2018, right out of the Autodesk App Store.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen presents a trio of Autodesk and related software products on the market. This month: Copy Worksets from Files 2017, for Revit; the Model Health Checker, which scans your Revit project files and reports on problems that are impacting performance; and Break@Points, which leverages the functionality of AutoCAD commands Break at Point, Divide, and Measure.

AUGIWorld June 2017 Issue Released!


AUGIWorld May 2017 -- What's New at Autodesk

AUGIWorld May 2017
Right on schedule, Autodesk rolled out the 2018 releases of its major products. AUGIWorld authors explored the new offerings in their respective specialty areas and present the new features and enhancements here, in the May 2017 issue.

Brian Benton and Jaiprakash Pandey each offer a perspective on AutoCAD in Xref Enhancements & Font Fixes in AutoCAD 2018.

Melinda Heavrin investigates AutoCAD Architecture 2018 with her article What’s New? PDF Import.

Read on for more about the newest Autodesk offerings.

Connections Galore, Advance Steel Collaboration & More — Kimberly Fuhrman discusses the more than 130 new connections in Revit Structure along with improvements in Advance Steel and rebar.

The History and Future of Revit MEP — Todd Shackelford looks back, then forward, at the origin of Revit MEP, it current state, and what lies ahead.

3ds Max Highlights — Brian Chapman focuses on improvements in 3ds Max 2018, with an emphasis on Rendering, the DataChannel Modifier, and Blended Box Map.

What’s New in Civil 3D 2018? — Shawn Herring explores how new features impact version interoperability, production efficiency, design efficiency, and more.

Also in this issue…

New Features for Roads & Bridges — Tony Carcamo presents the new features and enhancements in InfraWorks 360 2018 related to roads, bridges, visualization, and city furniture.

Unmute — Mark Kiker suggests ways in which Tech Managers can make themselves heard and communicate their ideas more effectively.

Mini Workstations—Big ROI — Robert Green explores the HP Z2 Mini Workstation and its performance for AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, and other software.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen looks at three products from Autodesk partners. Featured this month are Kubity Exporter, which permits playing and sharing Revit models on any device; BlackBox AutoPurgeReg lets users purge registry apps at drawing Open and Save; and NuPSimplePlot, which allows users to save up to eight printer settings in Autodesk Inventor.

AUGIWorld May 2017 Issue Released!

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