AUGI HotNews - September 2015

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AUGIWorld September 2015 Issue Released!

AUGIWorld September 2015
AUGI’s annual dive into the salaries, benefits, workload, job satisfaction/dissatisfaction, etc. of its members is the highlight of the September 2015 issue of AUGIWorld. The 14th Annual AUGI Salary Survey provides a unique take on the information provided by AUGI members in this annual survey.

The analysis, courtesy of AUGI Salary Survey Manager Melanie Perry, helps AUGI members drill down to industry- and title-specific levels. See how you stack up against your AUGI peers in this year’s survey!

Also in the September 2015 AUGIWorld…

A Trio of Dimensioning Tips — Jaipakash Pandey explores three dimensioning tools available in AutoCAD, including the latest addition, the DIM command.

Instant-Impact Tips for ACA —Melinda Heavrin presents a varied number of handy tips that will boost your productivity in AutoCAD Architecture.

Harnessing the Versatility of AutoCAD MAP — Thomas Wilga offers a real-world look at AutoCAD MAP in action. The use of this product at Wilga’s firm is detailed.

Process Evolution — Brian D. Nickel presents his take on Revit MEP, which is in use at his plumbing and heating company.

An Interview with Daniel McFarland — Jay Zallan presents a Q&A session with Daniel McFarland, who offers his perspective on what makes a great model, and more.

The Rise of the Structural Modeler — Josh Carney foresees the advent of the structural modeler in the near future. Here’s a look at what skills these employees will bring to the table.

Also in this issue…

Testing 1–2–3 — CAD Manager Mark Kiker shares his ideas on taking an idea from infancy to maturity. Once you are past the “Idea” stage, it’s time to move on to Proof of Concept, Pilot, and Proliferation.

LiDar Scanning: Using a ReCap Workflow within Civil 3D — Shawn Herring investigates the benefits of adding ReCap to Autodesk’s infrastructure tools.

Bringing Characters to Life — Brian Chapman provides a step-by-step lesson in character rigging in 3ds Max software.

15″ Mobile CAD Power Gets Thin — Robert Green destroys the myth that big, bulky computers equal performance and power. Check out these thin, sleek, and lightweight powerhouses from HP.

My Top Five Tips for Inventor Tube & Pipe — Chris Benner translates his 6+ years of Inventor experience into 5 great tips & tricks.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen with a look at new offerings from Autodesk and its partners. This month, Brian explores the Revit add-in offerings from Troy Gates, a member of the BIM Consortium. Also featured, the NuBIM Vulcraft Add-in for Revit 2014 and 2015, which offers a number of tools to manage the BIM project lifecycle.

AUGIWorld September 2015 Issue Released!


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Are you planning on attending AU2015 in Las Vegas this year? AUGI is rewarding the first 150 AUGI members who register with a free one year AUGI Premier Membership.

Earlier this summer AUGI President Bob Bell discussed AUGI support for Autodesk University and asked for your help to demonstrate that support.

"Your board of directors and management team recently met with some folks from Autodesk to discuss Autodesk University. Autodesk wants to know how influential AUGI is with its members regarding Autodesk University. Does AUGI do enough to inform its members about AU and encourage them to attend the event?"

Show your support – it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

1 – Visit http://au.autodesk.com to access the main website for AU2015. Log in and proceed with registering to attend.

2 – Near the end of the process is field for a Registration Code, where you can enter “AUGITRK”. This will show you attending AU with AUGI. It’s also how you get your free membership upgrade (first 150 registrants only).

3 – Complete your registration process and get ready for another fantastic Autodesk University. Don’t forget to attend  the AUGI General Meeting, just prior to the AUGI Reception. Look for more information from us soon, and search the Autodesk University scheduler to add it to your itinerary.

Thank you for your membership, participation, and support for your Autodesk User Group International.


AUGI HotNews - August 2015

Read the full issue (must be logged into AUGI.com) in your browser. The full issue contains the below articles, plus sections — Forum Hot Topics, Special Announcements, Want to Volunteer?, HP Workstations, Articles You May Have Missed, Heads Up, Autodesk News, AUGI Members’ Blogs…


AUGIWorld August 2015 Issue Released!

AUGIWorld August 2015
Because nobody works in a vacuum, sooner or later someone down the line is going to need to review and work with your design. Luckily for Autodesk product users, easy collaboration is as close as your favorite Autodesk product.

In the August 2015 issue of AUGIWorld, our authors explore popular Autodesk products for their built-in collaboration enhancers.

For example, D. Matthew Facer finds a plethora of collaboration features in the Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite, dubbing it "Your All-Purpose Collaboration Tool."

Similarly, users of Revit Structure will pick up insight on the collaboration capabilities in the product from Lola Carbajal's article, "Collaboration Motivation."

The August issue has more on collaboration and a variety of other topics. Enjoy!

Also in the August 2015 AUGIWorld...

Presentation Enhancements - John Evans presents a close look at Autodesk Inventor's Presentation environment, which eases the creation of exploded views, and more.

BIM Project Break Down - Dzan Ta moves through the practice of BIM as it affects the entire lifecycle of a project.

SSD Technology Update - In this month's Tech Insights column, Robert Green examines advances in solid state disk (SSD) technology found in HP's Turbo Drive G2.

Architects Modeling for Construction - Jay Zallan imagines architects modeling with construction in mind.

Bringing It All Together with the Project Navigator - Melinda Heavrin dives into AutoCAD Architecture's Project Navigator with details on putting it to use.

Also in this issue...

Parametric Dimensioning in AutoCAD - Jaipakash Pandey introduces (or reintroduces) the powerful parametric features in AutoCAD software.

Creating Visual Effects with Atmospheric Apparatus and Rayfire - Brian Chapman with a tutorial for creating fire, fog, and volume light effects within 3D Max.

What a Great Idea! - CAD Manager Mark Kiker ponders ideas and how to flesh them out after inspiration strikes.

AUGIWorld August 2015 Issue Released!

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