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AUGIWorld August 2016 Issue Released!

AUGIWorld August 2016
It has long been recognized that collaboration among disciplines is key to the success of any project. But just why it is critical—and what can happen when effective collaboration is absent—is not always clear. In the August 2016 issue of AUGIWorld, our experts seek to show you why collaboration matters and to offer tips for how to accomplish it successfully.

Joshua Geimecke answers the question “How Important Is Collaboration?” with a look at why collaboration isn’t always done and advice on how to get started.

In the article “Collaboration with Autodesk Design Review,” author Melinda Heavrin shows you the many ways work can be shared among users of Autodesk Architecture software.

Want to know more about working with staff down the line? Then don’t miss a single article in this information-packed issue.

Also in the August 2016 AUGIWorld…

What is the Best Computer for Revit? — Jay B. Zallan takes you computer shopping with some handy tips for finding Revit-ready computers for use by management, the “superstars,” and the general users.

Giving AutoCAD the Boot — Andrea Alderton believes it’s time for AutoCAD to go, and she offers up compelling reasons why it’s time for users to think outside the (AutoCAD) box.

Collaboration Tips — To author Walt Sparling, collaboration is only as effective as the communication involved in the process. Email, the cloud, and more are discussed here.

Better Site Coordination and Topography: An AutoCAD Civil 3D and Revit Workflow — Adam Nicholes examines a method for coordinating the Autodesk Revit building model with the AutoCAD Civil 3D site plan.

Tutorial: Collaboration with 3ds Max and Stingray — In this step-by-step, Brian Chapman shows you how collaboration works beautifully among these two Autodesk products.

Also in this issue…

Priorities — CAD Manager Mark Kiker follows up last month’s article on creating a tech manager’s task list with a closer look at how to prioritize all those tasks you need to accomplish.

New Intel Xeon Processors Accelerate HP Z440 and Z640 Workstations — In this month’s Tech Insights column, Robert Green shares speed stats that are sure to please Autodesk power users.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen introduces three new products for the Autodesk AEC community. This month, HatchKit for Revit, a graphical hatch pattern editor for editing existing patterns or creating new ones; CTC BIM Manager Suite, 10 tools in a bundle for Revit releases 2014–2017; and RhinoToNavisworks, which permits the viewing of Rhino models (*.3dm) in Navisworks releases 2015–2017.

AUGIWorld August 2016 Issue Released!


AUGI HotNews -- July 2016, Issue No. 158

Read the full issue—must be logged in to read our online version.

The full issue contains the below articles, plus sections — AUGI Forums (hot topics), AUGI Announcements, HP Z Workstations, Articles by AUGI Members (from the AUGI Library), Autodesk Product Updates (Service Patches and Updates released by Autodesk during the past month), Autodesk News (recent news relating to Autodesk), AUGI Volunteering (opportunities), AUGI Members’ Blogs…


RTC After-Thoughts

The Revit Technology Conference North America has wrapped up for another year. It's time to unpack, do laundry, re-adjust time zones and continue on with life. Looking back over the week, it's interesting to note the reasons people have for attending RTC. Most go to learn something new, obviously. Some go just to network with colleagues, some to meet with a vendor whose product is of particular interest to them. All go with expectations that this conference, or any conference, will ultimately meet those requirements.

RTC has a knack for balance between just enough sessions, time for networking and meeting with vendors. Each year, I'm impressed with the fluidity of the conference. Even when an industrial washing machine overpowers a session classroom, and said classroom moves to the lowest, farthest corner of the center, there is hardly a hiccup. (Yes, that happened!)

The overall purpose of the conference is to improve and inspire Revit users. People from all over the world come to this conference to expand their knowledge not just in Revit, but in anything that goes along with Revit...BIM, add-ins, processes, etc. There are those "a-ha!" moments, when you see something that really clicks, and you think "I just have to take this back to my office!" There were quite a few of those moments for me this year.

Next year's RTC is being held in Toronto, Canada, August 3rd-5th. Mark your calendars now, and maybe you, too, can have your own Revit "a-ha!" moment. Until then...REVIT ON!


We're Halfway There - RTC NA Midweek

Now that my east side internal clock has adjusted to the west side time difference, I can take a few minutes to think back over the last few days of RTC North America. Already equipped with several ideas to take back to my own office, it's been a productive time of learning sessions and networking. The keynote speaker, Ashraf Habibullah, wowed the RTC audience and challenged us to take a look beyond our technical selves and really think about the impacts of our work and our technology.


The sessions have been varied and enticing...it has been hard to choose between sessions. A popular session was "Ask the BIM Stars", which included some top names in our industry, including Lynn Allen, Steve Stafford, Brian and Desiree Mackey (to name a few!), and hosted by Bill Debevc. There have been sessions on topics like FormIt and Enscape (another of my favorites!), Facilities Management, and of course, BIM. The uses for Global Parameters has been covered by a few sessions, and it's easy to see that these will become powerful tools within Revit.

Speaking of Enscape, Phil Read's booth in the expo hall has been a hit with those of us who remember when arcade games were the latest and greatest!


A big part of RTC is the networking, and it's been exciting to meet people from all over the world who have the same interest in Revit and are looking for ways to help their own firms improve Revit workflows and production. One can sometimes learn just as much over a lunchtime conversation as sitting in a class session. And, those connections we make extend beyond these few days at RTC, even into developing business relations and future project collaborations.

Finally, it's important to recognize AUGI's presence here at RTC. As a Gold Sponsor, we're here to get the word out about AUGI, this great community of not only Revit users, but all Autodesk users. So, thank you, AUGI!


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