RTC After-Thoughts

The Revit Technology Conference North America has wrapped up for another year. It's time to unpack, do laundry, re-adjust time zones and continue on with life. Looking back over the week, it's interesting to note the reasons people have for attending RTC. Most go to learn something new, obviously. Some go just to network with colleagues, some to meet with a vendor whose product is of particular interest to them. All go with expectations that this conference, or any conference, will ultimately meet those requirements.

RTC has a knack for balance between just enough sessions, time for networking and meeting with vendors. Each year, I'm impressed with the fluidity of the conference. Even when an industrial washing machine overpowers a session classroom, and said classroom moves to the lowest, farthest corner of the center, there is hardly a hiccup. (Yes, that happened!)

The overall purpose of the conference is to improve and inspire Revit users. People from all over the world come to this conference to expand their knowledge not just in Revit, but in anything that goes along with Revit...BIM, add-ins, processes, etc. There are those "a-ha!" moments, when you see something that really clicks, and you think "I just have to take this back to my office!" There were quite a few of those moments for me this year.

Next year's RTC is being held in Toronto, Canada, August 3rd-5th. Mark your calendars now, and maybe you, too, can have your own Revit "a-ha!" moment. Until then...REVIT ON!


We're Halfway There - RTC NA Midweek

Now that my east side internal clock has adjusted to the west side time difference, I can take a few minutes to think back over the last few days of RTC North America. Already equipped with several ideas to take back to my own office, it's been a productive time of learning sessions and networking. The keynote speaker, Ashraf Habibullah, wowed the RTC audience and challenged us to take a look beyond our technical selves and really think about the impacts of our work and our technology.


The sessions have been varied and enticing...it has been hard to choose between sessions. A popular session was "Ask the BIM Stars", which included some top names in our industry, including Lynn Allen, Steve Stafford, Brian and Desiree Mackey (to name a few!), and hosted by Bill Debevc. There have been sessions on topics like FormIt and Enscape (another of my favorites!), Facilities Management, and of course, BIM. The uses for Global Parameters has been covered by a few sessions, and it's easy to see that these will become powerful tools within Revit.

Speaking of Enscape, Phil Read's booth in the expo hall has been a hit with those of us who remember when arcade games were the latest and greatest!


A big part of RTC is the networking, and it's been exciting to meet people from all over the world who have the same interest in Revit and are looking for ways to help their own firms improve Revit workflows and production. One can sometimes learn just as much over a lunchtime conversation as sitting in a class session. And, those connections we make extend beyond these few days at RTC, even into developing business relations and future project collaborations.

Finally, it's important to recognize AUGI's presence here at RTC. As a Gold Sponsor, we're here to get the word out about AUGI, this great community of not only Revit users, but all Autodesk users. So, thank you, AUGI!



AUGIWorld July 2016 Issue Released!

AUGIWorld July 2016
Spotting trends is tricky, particularly with technology, because it’s tough to know what new feature or functionality is set to emerge that will make today’s hot trend yesterday’s old news. Still, AUGIWorld authors aren’t afraid to take an objective look at where we are now and predict a bit where we are headed.

In the July 2016 issue, a few authors weigh in on “the state of the industry.” For example, Joel Londenberg looks at fabrication features in Revit MEP five years after Autodesk’s acquisition of MAP Software. What Joel finds in the product today—and what he still would like to see—are detailed in “Fabrication for Revit MEP – 5 Years In.”

Jay Zallan turns a critical eye toward AECO in “Reconstructing the AEC Practice: Success in AECO, BIM & Revit.” Jay rolls out what he believes firms need to do in order to move forward with BIM.

There’s more prognostication in this issue, as well as the usual helpful how-to articles… enjoy!

Also in the July 2016 AUGIWorld…

Can CIM Be Done in Civil 3D? — Stephen Walz explores how Civil Information Modeling (CIM) can be done with AutoCAD Civil 3D software. You’ll get some great, practical advice in this article.

What if… #BIMisREVIT — Lola Carbajal investigates the collaboration and management that still needs to take place before BIM is a practical solution for everyone who may benefit from it.

ACA Display System: One and Done — Melinda Heavrin demonstrates the beauty of AutoCAD Architecture’s Display system, where you draw an architecture object only once and then use the software’s many settings to mold objects to fit your exact needs.

The Future of Visualization — Brian Chapman has fun looking at how far products such as 3ds Max have come and what’s on the horizon for this software and others.

Also in this issue…

Tech Manager’s Task List — CAD Manager Mark Kiker shares his approach to getting tasks done—the time-honored “to do” list. But, as Mark will tell you, creating the list is just the beginning of the process.

4K Displays for 3D CAD — In this month’s Tech Insights article, Robert Green highlights some great monitors available from HP and offers some advice on what to consider before you upgrade.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen introduces some new AEC-related products and enhanced offerings. This month: BIM Helper Tools that can be launched from the Revit ribbon; DWG-PURGE for quickly purging one or multiple AutoCAD drawings; and Topo Align, which features three commands for working with topo surfaces.

AUGIWorld July 2016 Issue Released!


Next Up...RTC North America!

RTC Welcome Entry

Revit Technology Conference (RTC) North America is coming up faster than blazing saddles! Being held in Scottsdale, AZ (I'm already starting to sweat just thinking about it!), RTC will be held July 14-16 at the beautiful Westin Keirland Resort. If you haven't been to an RTC Conference, you don't know what you're missing!

Last year, RTC was held in Arlington, VA - a hop, skip and jump over the Potomac from Washington, D.C. Since it was so close to my stomping grounds, I made the trek to my first RTC. I went thinking that this would be "just another" technology conference with dry class sessions and awkward networking. Boy, was I wrong!

RTC was created by users, for users. The class sessions are always engaging and relevant, with heavy-hitters in the Revit world such as Steven Shell, Marcello Sgambelluri, and AUGI's own Kate Morrical, to name a few. Check out the entire lineup here. This year's keynote speaker, Ashraf Habibullah, president of software company Computers and Structures, Inc., promises to have an intriguing opening to the conference. There are also pre-conference events such as the Design Technology Summit and the Building Content Summit. The Expo Hall is a great place to meet people who want to enhance your Revit experience and software capabilities.

Of course, the some of the highlights of RTC (other than the class sessions, but don't tell your boss!), are the evening social events. Who knew you could have so much fun at a work conference! These really are great times to get to know others in the industry. The conference numbers are kept low so that by day 2, you will already be seeing familiar faces. The Saturday night gala is the pinnacle of the week, with a different theme each year. This year's theme (of course!) is the Wild, Wild West.

My boots are packed, but I'll have to leave the horse at home! I'll be assisting with a FormIt workshop on Wednesday before the conference...stop in and say 'hello'! Check out all of the details for RTC NA here.


AUGI HotNews -- June 2016, Issue No. 157

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