AUGIWorld February 2014 Issue Released!

AUGIWorld February 2014
Are you a brand new AutoCAD user? A seasoned pro getting started with Revit? A manufacturing veteran but an Inventor novice? Whether you’re just getting started, or starting over, the February 2014 issue of AUGIWorld delivers tips to help you advance.

Curt Moreno’s article "Advice for the CAD Professional Beginner" provides a solid foundation for those on the cusp of a career in the industry.

Marcello Sgambelluri delivers tips for using the topo modeling tools in Revit in his article, "Hardscape & Site Topography for First Timers."

And Mike Thomas provides an excerpt from his successful Autodesk University class in "Sketching Tips & Tricks" targeted to Inventor users. There's a lot more in this issue - for beginners and everybody else.

Also in the February 2014 AUGIWorld...

The Long and Short of It - Mark Kiker joins AUGIWorld with strategies for technology managers. This month, CAD managers learn lessons from the world of golf.

Quick Tip: How to Make a Hatch Transparent - Michael Beall with another AutoCAD tip of the month. In this installment, learn how to assign hatch transparency.

Dimensions in ACA - Melinda Heavrin thoroughly explores the use of dimensions in AutoCAD Architecture.

Scope Boxes and Plan Regions - Philip Russo describes the use of two tools that assist consistency and visibility in Revit Structure.

Game Assets Workflow - Israel Uriel offers a workflow for creating game assets to use in the CryEngine SDK.

Also in this issue...

Linking a Revit Project for MEP - Todd Shackelford presents streamlined methods for assembling a fully linked and work shared Revit project.

Inside Track – Lee Ambrosius provides an early look at some hot new Autodesk-related products. This month: Autodesk CAM, a cloud-based CAM solution; Tally, an application that works with Revit for whole building analysis; and COINS Auto-Section Box, a Revit add-on for view creation and management.

AUGIWorld February 2014 Issue Released!


AUGI HotNews - January 2014

Read the full issue in your browser. The full issue contains the below articles, plus sections - Forum Hot Topics, Heads Up, Articles You May Have Missed, Autodesk News, AUGI Members' Blogs...


AUGIWorld January 2014 Issue Released!

AUGIWorld January 2014
There's nothing like a new calendar year to get people thinking in terms of strategy. Commonly, the strategizing relates to our careers - pondering ways in which to move ourselves forward in the coming months. With a "to do" list that includes skill sharpening, boosting productivity, and increasing industry knowledge, there's much to be done and only 12 months to do it.

The January 2014 issue of AUGIWorld addresses these to-do items and more. For Revit Structure users, author Scott Melching offers "Creating Advanced Families in Revit," drawing from his 25 years of experience to help users advance their Revit knowledge.

Melinda Heavrin helps AutoCAD Architecture users increase their skill with her article, "Working with Point Clouds." And Jennifer Storey discusses "The Potential for Advancement in AEC" and explores how that potential can be realized.

Also in the January 2014 AUGIWorld...

The Creative Process - Learning often happens when watching other professionals at work. Ruben Dario Karamañites Arango shares the process of his 3ds Max creation.

Cleaning Up AutoCAD Drawings - Walt Sparling steps you through some fundamentals and shows you how to create good habits when using AutoCAD. Michael Beall's bonus tip this month is How to Edit Quick Properties content.

Measuring Up - Mark Hunter explores the measuring and sectioning tools in Navisworks Manage and demonstrates why they are so effective.

Hitting All the Keys on the Piano - Christopher Fugitt discovers similarities between learning to play the piano well and learning to become an AutoCAD Civil 3D power user.

Also in this issue...

Integrated CAM with HSM Express - John Evans looks closely at Autodesk's recent purchase of HSMWorks. Here, you'll learn the benefits that can come from this computer-aided manufacturing solution.

Inside Track - Lee Ambrosius presents three new Autodesk-related products coming to market. This month, software that aids designers and artists with animation, production, 3D printing, and motion capture; a plug-in that allows a SmartBoard be used for collaboration; and software to improve the efficiency of CNC programming.

AUGIWorld January 2014 Issue Released!


Announcing the results of the 2013 BoD Election

The Nominations and Elections Committee is pleased to announce the following candidates have been elected to serve on the Board of Directors for the 2014-2016 term.

Melanie Perry

Shaun Bryant

Walt Sparling


AUGI HotNews - December 2013 - Revit A Real Team Player!

AUGI HotNews December 2013 - Issue 127
Read the full issue in your browser. The full issue contains all the links you see below plus those at the bottom of the email - Autodesk News, Forum Hot Topics, Heads Up and more.


Industry Spotlight: Revit A Real Team Player!

Small company owner Wade Shuey discusses the team player benefits of using Autodesk Revit for all types of projects he has encountered over the years.

Letter from the President - December 2013

President David Harrington updates the AUGI Community about the major AUGI involvement with AU 2013 including the Top Daug competition, AUGI Photo Booth, Annual General Meeting and so much more!


CAD Management: Making the Call

Join us as Mark Kiker shares valuable best practices for communicating with others within your office.

Poll: 2013 - Surveys in Review

This month's survey is actually a look back at the years' worth of surveys, showing how AUGI members genuinely share their experiences, knowledge, and community spirit world-wide.

TipNiques: Enhancing Your Views in Revit

Long time Revit user Chris McNiel goes through some great ways to get your plans to display the way you desire.

Sponsor Spotlight: The HP ZBook 14 Mobile Workstation

The world's first Workstation ultrabook, create a rendering and enter to win $5,000 cash and an HP Z workstation with NVIDIA graphics!

Heads Up - December 2013

AUGI brings you all the latest news on service patches and updates from Autodesk...

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