AUGIWorld May 2017 -- What's New at Autodesk

AUGIWorld May 2017
Right on schedule, Autodesk rolled out the 2018 releases of its major products. AUGIWorld authors explored the new offerings in their respective specialty areas and present the new features and enhancements here, in the May 2017 issue.

Brian Benton and Jaiprakash Pandey each offer a perspective on AutoCAD in Xref Enhancements & Font Fixes in AutoCAD 2018.

Melinda Heavrin investigates AutoCAD Architecture 2018 with her article What’s New? PDF Import.

Read on for more about the newest Autodesk offerings.

Connections Galore, Advance Steel Collaboration & More — Kimberly Fuhrman discusses the more than 130 new connections in Revit Structure along with improvements in Advance Steel and rebar.

The History and Future of Revit MEP — Todd Shackelford looks back, then forward, at the origin of Revit MEP, it current state, and what lies ahead.

3ds Max Highlights — Brian Chapman focuses on improvements in 3ds Max 2018, with an emphasis on Rendering, the DataChannel Modifier, and Blended Box Map.

What’s New in Civil 3D 2018? — Shawn Herring explores how new features impact version interoperability, production efficiency, design efficiency, and more.

Also in this issue…

New Features for Roads & Bridges — Tony Carcamo presents the new features and enhancements in InfraWorks 360 2018 related to roads, bridges, visualization, and city furniture.

Unmute — Mark Kiker suggests ways in which Tech Managers can make themselves heard and communicate their ideas more effectively.

Mini Workstations—Big ROI — Robert Green explores the HP Z2 Mini Workstation and its performance for AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, and other software.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen looks at three products from Autodesk partners. Featured this month are Kubity Exporter, which permits playing and sharing Revit models on any device; BlackBox AutoPurgeReg lets users purge registry apps at drawing Open and Save; and NuPSimplePlot, which allows users to save up to eight printer settings in Autodesk Inventor.

AUGIWorld May 2017 Issue Released!


AUGI HotNews -- April 2017, Issue No. 167

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The full issue contains the below articles, plus sections — Articles by AUGI Members, AUGI Forums (hot topics), HP Solutions (News and updates on HP Z Workstations and HP DesignJet large-format printers), Autodesk Product Updates (Service Patches and Updates released by Autodesk during the past month), Autodesk News (recent news relating to Autodesk), AUGI Volunteering (opportunities), AUGI Members’ Blogs…


AUGIWorld April 2017 -- Masterful Management

AUGIWorld April 2017
Manager is so much more than a job title or occupational description. Regardless of whether you hold the actual title, you manage lots of things every single day. Making solid decisions, visualizing a project’s outcome and coordinating tasks accordingly, discovering a process improvement and putting it into place—all fall under the general category of “management.”

The April 2017 issue of AUGIWorld focuses on management in its many forms.

For example, Philip Russo demonstrates “Wall Management and Coordination” inside Revit Structure software.

And AutoCAD Architecture expert Melinda Heavrin helps you get control of 2D and 3D section objects in “Working with Sections.”

Read on to gain good ideas for how to better manage a wide variety of things.

Manage Still Image Post-Production Elements — Brian Chapman demonstrates how to use the Render Elements options in 3ds Max for still image post-production and the use of a tool called PSD Manager to simplify the export process.

Taking Ownership: I Got This! — Mark Kiker discusses both the pros and cons of taking ownership of projects, tasks, and processes.

What’s in a Name? — Todd Shackelford provides solid advice regarding folder structure and naming conventions for users of Revit MEP software.

What’s New in AutoCAD 2018 — Brian Benton presents a sneak peek at the newest release of AutoCAD. A file format change is just one of the changes in this release. Improvements to the user interface and documentation and collaboration capabilities are highlighted.

Configuring Generative AECO Dynamics: A Case Study — Jesper Wallaert and Sylvester Knudsen relay what happened when their Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) department joined a parking garage construction project.

Also in this issue…

Corridor Construction Simulation for BIM Managers — Michelle Rasmussen steps BIM managers through the setup of an AutoCAD Civil 3D corridor model for a construction simulation using Navisworks TimeLiner.

HP ZBook 15u G4 — Ultrabook Performance at Entry Level Price — Robert Green shows the features of HP’s thin and lightweight Ultrabook that has enough power to please CAD users.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen presents three AEC-related products from Autodesk and other partners. This month: RevitWorks Door Factory 2017 Lite, door creation software; Cad Standard, an app for making standard compliance effortless, and Print2CAD 2017, which provides smart PDF to DWG conversion.

AUGIWorld April 2017 Issue Released!


My BILT Asia 2017

I was very pleased to be in attendance at this year's BILT ASIA 2017 conference in Singapore. I attended the RTC Asia 2015, and I found that the overall scope has expanded greatly, it was highly informative, inclusive and I'm confident that it will benefit my work directly.

Before setting out for this year's conference, I thought about what I hoped to gain during the three days. Primarily I was interested in learning about BIM strategies that would demonstrate its potential to stakeholders in the industry and accelerate its adoption. I was also excited to hear about the up-to-date advancements of the technology and future aspirations of the experts in the field of BIM. Now that the conference is over, I'm happy to report that I was very satisfied with content of the conference and I feel that not only were my questions answered, but I was also able to gain a wider perspective of the challenges faced, and strategies used, by people working throughout the industry. I think that the format of having experts guiding us in a variety of relevant sessions and then also having the social functions made the conference very successful for me.



I could get much more information from the sessions that I mentioned in my last article. Additionally I want to highlight a very interesting session during this conference - Joseph Cory's class 'BIM Common Ground In Different Scales – NetZero Houses, LEED Platinum Building And A Green Campus'. In this class I recognized that the concept of sustainability is crucial to the industry and to the building owners particularly. These days owners are more and more interested in obtaining a 'green standard' for their buildings and Cory demonstrated how his sustainable projects work and how he is able to take advantage of BIM and related technologies. Memorably he said, 'Using the right technology. Using the technology right'. I think this is very fitting to our industry right now. We must continue to reduce our impact on the environment and embrace the technology which helps us do so most efficiently. It was a great chance to think about how and what we use the technology for.

Perhaps the most satisfying part of this conference was the community aspect that I was able to join. Everyone I met in the conference was passionate and encouraged each other. We were able to share experiences and discuss solutions. I learned that we all face challenges with new technology and that many of us have new roles in our industries that require us to take the initiative. Attending this conference and meeting these people has given me a renewed passion for my involvement in a dynamic and progressive part of the AEC industry.



Thank you to the RTC and everyone involved in BILT ASIA 2017. I hope to see you all next year!


BILT ASIA 2017, Singapore, 30 March - 1 April

I'm very excited to join this international conference which focuses not only on the BIM technology and its latest developments, but also on tackling the issues which can arise during its practical application.

I come to this conference with seven years’ experience in the architecture and construction industry and I've witnessed firsthand the importance, value and rapid growth of BIM technology over the last few years. My current role in the industry is strongly connected with the use of BIM and I can see that companies in this industry often face issues that prevent them to fully exploit its benefits.


Of the three days of classes, I'm particularly interested in those which focus on the implementation and the holistic integration of BIM within the organizations in the industry. The 'Implementing BIM in Your Organization' and 'Start Your Engines: Keys to Implementing a Smooth Transition to BIM' classes, for example, look to be centering on one of the key issues I come across - namely, resistance to wider BIM adoption. I'm very interested to learn useful strategies that I can use and help companies see the real benefits of BIM and breakaway from less efficient processes they have been using.

In my role as a consultant, I'm keenly aware that various stakeholders must have a clear understanding of each other from the initial stages of project formation through to project completion. I realize that this is the real strength of BIM and hope to gain further insights into how the technology is advancing in this respect. I'm very interested to attend 'Engagement Principles and Making It Work'; 'The Curious Case Of Customizing BIM Execution Plan'; and, 'BIM Review Procedure for Successful Project Delivery', to gain such insights.

Additionally, I hope develop my understanding of the merits of BIM from the perspective of the owners. This section of the industry must see the benefit of BIM and therefore I wish to attend classes on 'Customizing BIM Strategy for Real Estate Project Development Cost' and the 'BIM+FM Case Study: Sydney Opera House BIM Interface Project'.


The wide ranging sessions delivered by industry experts make this 2017 BILT ASIA conference very appealing. Not only am I keen to use this opportunity to learn how to combat some of the issue I face in my role in the industry, but I'm interested to learn about the wider applications of BIM into the future. I'm sure this conference will be invaluable to my BIM education.

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