AUGIWorld November 2016 Issue Released!

AUGIWorld November 2016
AUGI members understand that when it comes to improving on their use of Autodesk design software, the learning never stops. There is always a better approach to a project, a cooler time-saving tip, a more effective workflow.

That’s why AUGI members flock to the Forums, network and attend classes at Autodesk University, and read magazines such as this one. One could argue that every issue of AUGIWorld touches on education and training, but in the November 2016 issue, the authors focus exclusively on that topic.

For example, according to author Tony Carcamo, InfraWorks users will find no shortage of training options and readers will get a sneak peek of some in “Abundant Training Resources for InfraWorks.”

Todd Shackelford explains “Why Your Training Fails,” then helps Revit MEP users get back on track. That’s just a couple of examples—the November 2016 issue is packed with ideas for enhancing your learning experience.

Also in the November 2016 AUGIWorld…

Training the Trainer — William Myers offers great advice for those who present face-to-face instruction. Begin by knowing your target audience and go from there.

In-House Revit Training—Yay or Nay? — Kimberly Fuhrman presents a great argument for bringing frequent Revit training in-house, then shows you how to approach it.

Information Sharing with OLE — Melinda Heavrin examines Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) and how it can be applied to AutoCAD Architecture drawings.

Thoughts on Training — Phillip Lynch looks at a variety of training methods and explains why the classic approaches never go out of style.

HP Brings Blended Reality Computing to AU 2016 — Robert Green previews what HP has in store at Autodesk University this year. Get ready for workstations, scanning, and virtual reality.

Autodesk’s Design for Industry Challenge — Mark Kiker interviews Autodesk’s Torie Anderson on the company’s education initiatives, including a competition for students.

Also in this issue…

Revit “WFRC” Methods: Walls, Floors, Roofs & Ceilings — Behzad Meskini explores 3D presentation methods—current methods and an interesting alternative.

Reaching Out with 3ds Max — Brian Chapman encourages us to communicate through art and make a global impact.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen presents two new AEC-related products. This month: HotGear Project, a collection of three Revit tools; and pdf2cad, which transforms vector PDF files into editable DWG files.

Case Study—GHD Perth: Time Really Is Money When it Comes to Large BIM Projects — A real-world example of quantifiable benefits from RTV Tools and Revit.

AUGIWorld November 2016 Issue Released!


Last comments about RTC EU 2016 Porto

Nowadays employers expect their employees to be able to innovate at the speed that businesses require and this can only occur when they devote part of their time to learn what's new in the market.

Changes and rapid developments in technology have to pair with the ability of each of us to accelerate learning through the exchange of knowledge among peers. Obtaining skills occurs regularly in specialized forums on the Internet, on a worldwide scale. Moments exist where accelerated learning occurs and this has to do with participation in events where a good part of these communities come together in person, at a given place, to exchange ideas on this common passion.

The RTC Europe 2016 in Porto was one of those moments where learning took place at an enormous rate, thanks to the multiple interactions provided by an optimized learning context. Three immersive days on Revit Technologies, balanced with social events were a unique opportunity for those who participated in them.

Thanks to RTC events that organized the conference and sponsors, including AUGI, which made it possible as well as the speakers and delegates. Congratulations to all of you.

I couldn’t forget to mention Andrew Milburn’s presentation about “Project Soane - Reflections on a Journey”. Forgetting protocols and data management for a while makes possible to use BIM to research common History. You can learn more about SOANE project, a journey back into time, the Bank of England as it was 200 years ago,  here http://www.projectsoane.com/

A few words about the two main social events:

Friday Evening Function

At Taylors Famous Port Cellar we had the opportunity to learn about the fascinating history of Port wine, as well as the House of Taylor’s – now in its fourth century – making it one of the oldest Port companies. We tasted some of the Taylors Port Wine and enjoyed a hot buffet dinner with amazing views of Porto.

Collage taylors dinner

Gala Dinner

Porto is a great place with lots of architectural preciosities and a good example is the Palácio da Bolsa, built in the 19th century by the city's Commercial Association, in neoclassical style where Gala Dinner took place with live entertainment.

SaveCollage gala rtc

Finally I would like to let you know that this was the last RTC conference. Next year the conferences continue with a different name BILT by RTC (Buildings Infrastructure Lifecycle Technology). The conference will take place at Aarhus, Denmark.




News from RTC Europe 2016 ... halfway done

What about this fantastic opportunity to improve our knowledge? They have been fabulous days where learning happens at breakneck speed thanks to the numerous interactions between many and varied users of Revit Technology. Thanks to all the participants for sharing knowledge.
Come to me often thought:

“We need others to complement and develop our own expertise. This collective character of knowledge does not mean that individuals don’t count. In fact, the best communities welcome strong personalities and encourage disagreements and debates. Controversy is part of what makes a community vital, effective, and productive.” ― Etienne Wenger, Cultivating Communities of Practice: A Guide to Managing Knowledge

Let me try to give you an idea of RTC Europe 2016...

RTC collage 2
The majority of sessions have been really interesting and varied. I'll try to talk about them in more detail in a later post.

Keynote Address about "Printing Architecture - Towards a Digital Building" was a fantastic and showed us how Information technology can become a crucial driver of architectonic evolution. The research at the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) Digital Fabrication, that aims to revolutionize architecture through the seamless combination of digital technologies and physical building processes, was well presented and explored. The talk gave an outlook to ground-breaking technologies for tomorrow’s construction.

To give some examples of inspiring sessions I will speak, for now, only on two of them. One was Joe Banks "Collaboration Tools and Methods Comparison". I loved the way he made the presentation and its contents. Along a fun and engaging presentation he showed the options that are available and guided us through the pros and cons of everything out there now. It also presented proposals on what could and should be doing in the future. Some of you have made the very interesting debate.

I loved as well Margarida Barbosa session about "Optimising Construction Monitoring Processes with Reality Capture". She shared with us her knowledge and experience about the optimisation of Construction Monitoring Processes by showing case studies where Point Clouds and Sensors were used. She also talked about workflows involving Data Acquisition through fixed cameras, UAVs, and Sensors, as well as the use of Pix4d, Revit and Navisworks software.

A word about the RTC team that organized the event in a very professional way, thank you for the wonderful work.

RTC collage 1

And finally a word about the AUGI and the fantastic support as GLOBAL GOLD SPONSOR of this event. It was very nice to have the opportunity to review and get along with many members of this fabulous community that includes users of various Autodesk software.


AUGI HotNews -- October 2016, Issue No. 161

Read the full issue—must be logged in to read our online version.

The full issue contains the below articles, plus sections — Articles by AUGI Members, AUGI Forums (hot topics), AUGI Announcements, HP Solutions (News and updates on HP Z Workstations and Large Format Printers), Autodesk Product Updates (Service Patches and Updates released by Autodesk during the past month), Autodesk News (recent news relating to Autodesk), AUGI Volunteering (opportunities), AUGI Members’ Blogs…


Porto welcome BIM experts… join me at RTC EU 2016

My relationship as Autodesk software as a user started in 1994. Soon I realized that would profit greatly from the exchange of knowledge with others. Find a group of people who share the same concern and passion for what they do, and with an interest in learning how to do it better was a must. The social nature of human learning began to be my main concern in the pursuit of excellence. That’s why I joined AUGI.

As a trainer and university lecturer my concern to achieve the maximum possible knowledge in the minimum possible time always made me see the user encounter as something extremely valuable. The Internet has partly overcome logistical problems, but personal meetings continue to be where the full potential of knowledge exchange works in full.

That's why Revit Technology Conference (RTC) Europe 2016, taking place soon in my hometown, Porto, Portugal, is so important for me. It is as well a fantastic opportunity to meet top BIM experts from all over the world and, for you, to visit one of the most fantastic tourism destinations in Europe.

Let me now talk a bit about my Porto. It has a great tradition in architecture with two alumni of the Porto School of Architecture awarded with the Pritzker Architecture Prize:

  1. Álvaro Siza Vieira (1992);
  2. Eduardo Souto Moura (2011).

Porto is also famous for its Port Wine and the program of this RTC, on its Friday Evening Function, include a visit to one of the best Porto Wine Caves.

This video was kindly provided by the AUGI member Paulo Ferreira.

For more information about Porto have a look to the site of the Tourism Office and as well to the site of Region Tourism Office.

I expect a lot from the 71 speakers of the event and from the interaction with all the participants. With regard to the classes, I chose to attend:

  1. An Illusion of Knowledge | Re-Creating Learning and Teaching Techniques in AEC
  2. Developing Participatory Culture Through Digital Immersion with Revizto
  3. Interactive and Immersive Visualisation with V-Ray for Revit
  4. Revit Today and Tomorrow
  5. Glorious Gadgets
  6. Rendering History with Project Soane: Transforming Centuries-Old Drawings to BIM-Based Renderings and VR
  7. Get Ahead Of The Game: Environmental Analysis for Architects
  8. Global Attitudes Towards and Addressing the Barriers to BIM Collaboration - Perceived and Real
  9. Collaboration Tools and Methods Comparison

I also need to remember that certification is available during the event. As usual, a lot of Sponsors and Exhibitors, more than 40 will enrich the event with their offers and proposals.

On Saturday the day will close with the usual Gala Dinner in a wonderful place with wonderful people.

RTC is as you certainly know, a unique, independent conference covering all things BIM and the whole ecosystem that supports it. No other event brings so many opportunities and benefits together in a single location, and this year in Porto, Portugal. 

Do not hesitate join me at RTC EU 2016 Porto, Portugal. 

More information here

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