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Revit Tips for Newbees

As I've watched my office go through Revit trraining, I've discovered several things that are not readily apparent in Revit, but are hugely important.

The first is the Options Bar.  This is the portion of the Revit window just above the drawing area, and just below the pull-downs and Toolbars.  This area is in a constant state of change.  Every tool you select causes the Options Bar to change to show....well, Options.....for that particular tool.  I have seen people many times seemingly ignore this area as they draw!  For instance, a basic funtion of Revit is to Attach Walls to Roofs.  You select the Wall, and the Options Bar changes to reflect some tools that are available for walls, such as Attach and Detach.  Once you select Attach, the Options Bar changes again.....now allowing you to Attach either the Top or the Base of the wall to objects above or below.  Many times I have had users say "Ohhh!  I didn't know you could attach the base of a wall!"  Well, thats because you didn't watch the Options Bar!

The second Tip for those beginning with Revit, is to watch the Status Bar.  This bar is along the bottom left hand corner of the window.  The Status Bar reports....well, Status....of actions, tools, etc.  If you are trying to select a particular object, hovering over an area and hitting the Tab key will cycle through selections.  The Status Bar will report which object is highlighted as you Tab through.  The Status Bar will also give you Tips on the use of Tools.  For instance the Roof Join Tool will first report in the Status Bar "Select the Edge of the Roof you would like to join."  Then after selecting an edge, the Status Bar will now say "Select the Face of the Roof to which you would like to join."  So if you are unsure of what to do, check the status bar for what Revit is expecting you to do!

So that's it!  Two important areas to pay attention to in Revit...the Options Bar and the Status Bar.  Watching these areas should help any user when using Revit!

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