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Six Phases of Revit

You all may have seen this before, but it is still great to re-print!  Credit for the following list goes to Chris Zoog, originator of the Zoogdesign.com Revit forums, now known as the Revit Forums at AUGI.  This list was created some time ago, but always seems to still apply to Revit in any version:

Phase One - Initial Excitement!!!

"Holy Crap! Look what I can do with this thing!"

Phase Two - First bump

"Hmmmm...? Why won't it do what I want? That's not how I do it in (insert other cad software here)!"

Phase Three - Creamy Middle

mmm... things are going more smoothly, now......mmmmm"

Phase Four - WTF stage

The family editor "eats you up and spits you out"!

Phase Five - The Enlightenment

Things really begin to click! You understand why things are happening in your model, and better yet how to control them and avoid problems. You have conquered the family editor.

Phase Six - Zen of Revit

You have mastered nearly all things Revit. You "know" what Revit "likes", and what it "dislikes" during model construction, a sixth sense, really. You spend your time exploring and tweaking advanced scheduling, OBDC, external parameters, AR3. You have a template to beat all templates, families for every situation.

Copyright 2003 Chris Zoog

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