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Some hints on part modeling in Inventor

1. I make it a habit to constrain my first sketch on any new part to one of the Origin work-planes and the Origin work-point. The reasoning behind this is quite simple. Some parts, especially coils, do not necessarily have the faces required to easily constrain in the assembly environment, but, I can always use the Origin work features to do so. The quickest way to do this is to Project the Origin Work-point (and Work-lines if required) onto the sketch and work from there.

2. Also remember that any geometry, including projected geometry, can be changed to either construction geometry or centre-lines by simply picking the geometry and then clicking on the desired style.

3. Unless you really need adaptivity on a part, always fully constrain your sketches. You’ll notice that as a sketch element becomes fully constrained, it changes colour (colours vary depending on what your set-up is in “Tools-Application Options-Colors”.) Don’t forget those 2 handy little tools, Sketch Doctor and Auto-dimension.

4.  Wherever possible, leave filleting till as late as possible in your model, as complex fillets can sometimes create problems with other operations (i.e. Move Face, Offset or Shell) if the fillets have already been created.

5. Within the constraints of any mathematical model, it is possible to re-order your modelling operations by simply dragging and dropping within the Browser area, but, Inventor will only allow this if it is logically possible.

6. If you have forgotten to do something, drag the End-of-part marker up to the point where you wish to insert it, do that operation, and drag the EOP marker back down to the end. I recommend dragging the EOP marker back down 1 step at a time, as the new operation may have altered the geometry on which later operations may have been based. This may require you to then modify the sketches or redefine the inputs on those later operations.

Please refer to the attached zipped bmp files for visual references. Happy Inventing, Ron

Download Part.zip

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