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Map Query Directions

This bit will show you how to create a Drive Alias for use with MAP and creating a query to pull data from other drawings. Once you have the data in your active file, you can edit it for What If scenarios or export it back to the original file(s) and have it update them without the need to even open them.

I.     Setting Map Options to work the way you want:
A.    Using an Alias to make it quick to access your data across projects.

1.     The first time you set up Map, it takes a few minutes to get everything just the way you want it, but the time spent to set it up will be more than repaid over continued use of this powerful tool.

2.     You must define an alias before you can begin working with Map to import, change or modify data from other sources.

3.     You can define multiple alias’ for each project. Think of it as “Mapping” a folder or drive for Map to search for data.

a)    You can create an alias to a root folder or directly to a sub-folder
b)    Your alias list can be set to stay with the project by modifying the options in Map to save your settings.
B.    Start Map and click on Map – Utilities – Project Workspace
1.     This will open that annoying dialog box that keeps getting in the way. (To turn this off, you can deselect “Show Workspace on Startup” in the Map – Options Dialog).
a)    If you are pulling your settings from a “Global” INI file, you can edit the ACADMAP.INI and look for the line that says “ShowWSpaceOnStartup=Yes” and change Yes to No.
b)    Make sure to check that you are changing this setting under your profile if there are more than one instances or someone may get a little irritated.

C.    Defining your Alias to access your project Data
1.     Open Map Workspace and Right-click on Drawings. You should get a Dialog that looks something like this

2.     Click on the Icon shown above to open the Define Alias dialog.
a)    You will not need to do this more than once if you keep you ACADMAP.INI file located on your machine.
b)    If you are using a shared INI file located on your server and being shared by others, you will need to define your alias if someone else has not already done so.
(1)    This is something that can fall under your company standards as to who and how these are defined to make it easy for everyone involved.
3.     In the top section of the Define Alias dialog, you will see any that have already been created listed in the Drive List window.

a)         In the “Drive Alias Details” section, type in what you want to name your alias.
b)    NOTE: you cannot have any spaces in the Drive Alias box.
c)     Then in the Actual Path box, you can type the entire path or click on the Browse button to open an explorer window to find the folder you want to set the Alias to look at.
d)    Once you have the Alias and the path set, click on the ADD button and you should see a message that the alias has been added and your new alias will be listed in the Drive List window.

4.     Now we are ready to start getting our data from other files! Click Close in the Drive Alias Administration dialog to return to the Attach Drawings Dialog.
a)    In the Look In drop down, select the alias that you just defined to list the folders and\or drawings in that folder.
b)    Select the drawing(s) that you want to pull the data from by selecting the file(s) and then clicking the Add button to add them to the list box at the bottom.
(1)    You can add multiple files by holding the Shift key down and selecting the first and last file in the list or by holding the CTRL key down and selecting just the files you want. Once you have your files selected, click on the ADD button to add them to the list box.
c)     Once you have the files from that folder added to your list, you can browse to other folders and add files from there to your list while you are still in the Attach Drawings Dialog.
NOTE: You cannot browse to a folder that is located above your defined alias path, so think about where you are setting your path to when you first define your alias a little. You can always go Down the tree, but not up past your alias definition.

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