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AutoCAD Wish List presentation at Autodesk University 2005

AUGI provided Autodesk with the top ten list of wishes from our members at the Annual Meeting on Monday.

Yoshi Honda presented the list to John Sanders of Autodesk.  If you want to be part of creating the ongoing list go to the AUGI AutoCAD Wish List (you must be a member)

Here is the list.

Wish 1

The ability to have multiple segments from one leader. For example, when you have more than one item being called out by a single note.  – B. Crouse

Wish 2 Translucent/ Transparent Layers (G. Pope)

Wish 3 Spell Check Improvement (J. Hohman)

Wish 4 3D Dynamic Blocks (R. Purnell)

Wish 5 Dynamic Linetype (R. Bushaw)

Wish 6 Greater Control within Tables (J. Runnels)

Wish 7 Improved Tools for Manipulating Layouts (E. Arrud)

Wish 8 Paragraph Spacing in MTEXT (L. Camara)

Wish 9 Easier Way to Add Sheets to a Sheet Set (S. Wilcox)

Wish 10 Improved Support for Dual Monitors (B. Crouse)

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