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Inventor Wish List presentation at Autodesk University 2005

At the Annual meeting we presented the new Inventor Wish List to Robert "Buzz" Kross of Autodesk.

Here is the list...

Wish 1
Assemblies Configurations – Have a generic table driven assembly offering the ability to select additional or other options for the assembly, similar to the functionality already available with I-Parts.
                 – G. Neil

Wish 2 - Workpoints/ Workplanes from Circular Edge (R. Oldenbeuvirng)
Wish 3 - Quadrant Snap (J. McKinney)
Wish 4 - Create Custom Hatch Patterns and Linetypes (B. Weir)
Wish 5 - “Fuzzy” Mates (D. Peters)
Wish 6 - Revision Tables Templates (R. Rawlins)
Wish 7 - Text on a Curve (B. Mitchell)
Wish 8 - VBA Functions in Text (B. Weir)
Wish 9 - Wider Text/ Edit Boxes (J. Dovel)
Wish 10 - Material Hatch Patterns (B. Weir)

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