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Cast your ballot for 2006 AUGI Board of Directors

AUGI is pleased to announce that the Board of Directors ballot is open for voting.

The ballot is an Affirmation Ballot. This process allows AUGI to come into line with many organizations where the membership affirms Board members from a list of qualified and recommended candidates. Each person on the ballot is affirmed by 2/3 majority vote of members who cast ballots. Each name is voted on individually.

The process of narrowing down a large number of qualified nominees to the four candidates included on this year's ballot was a difficult one. The candidates (if elected) will serve for a two year period from January 2006 through December 2008.

We commend all the nominees and candidates for their willingness to serve and be part of this process. Their credentials and dedicated service are one of the reasons that AUGI is such a strong organization. It is through members such as these that we continue to expand the offerings, programs, events, and training to AUGI members.

Visit www.augi.com to vote. (You must be a member to vote)

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