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Latest edition of AUGIWorld brings you even more AutoCAD 2007 content...

Front cover of AUGIWorld magazine - March/April 2006 issueThe latest issue of AUGIWorld (March/April 2006 edition) has just hit the shelves, and contains a number of helpful / timely AutoCAD 2007 articles...

  • Taking Design Further with AutoCAD 2007.
  • Documenting and Sharing Designs with Others.
  • Visualizing Designs in a New Way.

Plus this edition also contains its regular number of high quality articles covering a multitude of CAD related topics:

  • The CAD Manager - Dying for Change, Part 2.
  • Education and Training - New Releases Means Learning New Techniques.
  • What is the horizontal approach? - This month’s columnist, Jim Balding of WATG, trains architects and designers in Autodesk Revit. Here he warns against trying too much too soon.
  • Warning! Graphic Language - Creating graphs based on tables in AutoCAD 2006.
  • In the Grip of Grips - Grips in AutoCAD have been around for a long time, but are you making the most of this feature?
  • Are You Limited? - Are Limits one of those AutoCAD commands that has outlived its usefulness?
  • Tips for ADT 2005/2006 - Here is a collection of productivity-boosting tips for Autodesk Architectural Desktop
  • On The Back Page.

March/April 2006 edition can be downloaded from the AUGIWorld main page on AUGI.com.

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