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Inventor Wish List: June 2006 Results

Below information kindly supplied by Brenda Richardson (Wish List Manager).

We have just completed the first ever voting cycle for the Inventor Wish List. During the month of June, and into July, 313 members voted for their favorite wishes from a list of 217 wishes. I am very pleased to present the top 10 wishes from this voting cycle.

  1. Highlighting a Constraint Error in an Assembly
  2. Make Content Center Work More Efficiently
  3. Folders or Groups in the Browser
  4. Create a Slotted Hole
  5. A Better Text Editor
  6. Flexible parts
  7. Flat Pattern Modification
  8. Multiple Inserts Using the Same Constraint
  9. Insert Multiple Parts into Assembly
  10. Bend Line in Flat Pattern Indicate Bend Direction

You can continue to submit new wishes for the Inventor Wish List; the next voting cycle will begin in October. The results from both voting cycles from this year (June and October) will be combined and submitted formally to Autodesk at AU in November in Las Vegas. You can see the full results of this voting cycle on the June 2006 Voting Results page.

Thank you for your continued support and participation.

Rick McNeil
Inventor Wish List Manager

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