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Revit Trends

Many people have wondered about Autodesk Revit, and it's popularity.  Maybe you've wanted to know if it's popular in your country, or maybe even your city.  Well, now, thanks to Google Trends, you can gain some insight into the trends behind Google searches for "Revit" (or any other search term for that matter)!

Just go to www.google.com/trends and input a search term, or mulitple search terms if you want a comparison.  I've tried it out, and input "revit" as a search term and found that worldwide, Lisbon, Portugal has searched for that term more than any other city!  South Africa leads the polls when it comes to countries with the most Revit searches, and Italian is the language most used when searching for Revit!

Here in the US, Honolulu, Hawaii has the highest number of searches, followed by Minneapolis, Minnesota!

Interestingly, the search for "AutoCAD" has been historically declining over the years.  Try some of your own searches and see what kind on Trends you can discover!

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