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The AUGI Training Program is booked full!

Do you need a beginning AutoCAD class? Or would you prefer a class on how to programmaticly manage your companies CAD standards led by Robert Green himself, the CAD management guru and featured AU presenter.

Or are the vertical products your game? ADT? Into Civil 3D? maybe some Inventor? Or are you a reviteer?

Whatever your interest, the ATP team has been busy booking quality instructors to fill the platform, and vertical technologies creating a dynamic curriculum for everyone from beginning AutoCAD users to advanced Revit designers. Check out the Current ATP Classes to register for a session. If you can't find a class you like, tell us. We will be sure to accommodate you!

Do you have an idea for a class that YOU would like to teach? Well, we want to hear it! Come on over to the ATP site and submit a proposal. The ATP team understands the value of end user knowledge as well as certified instructors.

For any further questions, feel free to email me at atpmanager@augi.com or the ATP team at team-atp@augi.com. You can also visit the ATP site to see how the ATP works

Eric Wing

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