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ATP Courses for September 2006 start Monday the 11th

It's still not too late to sign up and enjoy free ATP Courses for September 2006, starting Monday the 11th.

On offer in the month of September...

  • ATP136 Have You Met QSelect? FastTrack - AutoCAD
  • ATP137 3D 2007: Finally! something we can ALL use - AutoCAD
  • ATP140 Creating Block Based MvParts in ABS 2006/2007 - Autodesk Buildings Systems
  • ATP 143 Implementing Dynamic Blocks - AutoCAD
  • ATP144 AutoLISP for AutoCAD - Programming
  • ATP145 Managing & Troubleshooting Xrefs & Layers - AutoCAD
  • ATP147 Managing a Library with Project Navigator - Autodesk Architectural Desktop
  • ATP160 ADT 2007 Roofs  FastTrack - Autodesk Architectural Desktop
  • ATP166 AutoCAD 101- A Survival Course for Beginners - AutoCAD

To Register go to the Current ATP Courses page.

While there, why not take the time to review the other pages found under...

The AUGI Training Program (ATP)

Plus, further Educational / Training offerings can be found under AUGI Education.

See you in class on Monday!

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