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Latest edition of AUGIWorld - Nov/Dec 2006 out now...

Front cover of AUGIWorld magazine - November/December 2006 issueThe latest issue of AUGIWorld (November/December 2006 edition) has just hit the shelves. This edition contains its regular number of high quality articles covering a multitude of CAD related topics...

  • The Cad Manager - Are You Invisible?
  • Education & Training - The End of Classroom Instruction Matt Murphy, content manager for AUGI CAD Camp, gives his perspective on the future of CAD training.
  • Beyond AutoCAD - The first step in finding the right Autodesk product for you.
  • AutoCAD Customization - Taking Control of Commands with AutoLISP.
  • AutoCAD - KISS Inefficiency Goodbye Here are several easy-to-implement tips and timesavers that will put you on the path to productivity.
  • 3D Modeling - Lighting without Lights.
  • Architectural Desktop - Making Spaces Work for You.
  • Revit - Revit Systems A look at the latest addition to the Revit platform.
  • On The Back Page.

November/December 2006 edition can be downloaded from the AUGIWorld main page on AUGI.com.

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