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AUGI Media and Entertainment forums are no more...

AUGI has just finished replacing / updating their Design Visualization (DV) forums (formerly called Media & Entertainment), with the main aim of providing a better end user experience.

Listed below is the new / updated layout...

Design Visualization (DV) (renamed / new Main-Category area):

Autodesk 3ds Max Support (updated Sub-Category area, as indicated below):

Autodesk Maya Support (new Sub-Category area):

Autodesk VIZ Support (updated Sub-Category area, as indicated below):

Autodesk Impression (new Sub-Category area):

DV Community (new Sub-Category area):

Before posting a new thread into any of the forums currently found under the DV Community area, we please ask you to take your time and read / follow the guideline(s) outlined HERE.

If you have any comments / feedback on the new layout, please stop by the Forum Feedback area, and let AUGI know what you think.

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