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Do you like to link? Autodesk.com Marketing URLs

Autodesk Marketing URLs If you frequent the AUGI Forums or the Autodesk - Discussion Groups or one of the many other Autodesk product support groups out there, and post links (URL’s) that point to content hosted on the Autodesk web site (I must admit I have been known to post the odd link or two over the years, especially to Knowledge Base articles), you really should do yourself, and everyone else who clicks on your posted links, a BIG! favour and read the following blog post by Shaan Hurley (aka Mr Beta)...

autodesk.com and MURLs

Kudos to Shaan for posting such helpful / useful information, and a BIG! "Thank you" to Autodesk web gurus Tom Williams and Eric Wright for kindly supplying Shaan with the information in the first place.

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