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Firefox and the AUGI Forums, Part IV

Get Firefox AUGI Forums

Lets talk about search baby, lets talk about... ok! enough of my awful singing voice.

In this Part of Firefox and the AUGI Forums... I am going to look at making use of Firefox's Search Bar and the ability to add search engines to the default list of 6 that comes with Firefox. If you are not exactly sure what I am talking about here, take a look at the following (it should help make things a little clearer):

Adding additional search engines to the Search Bar is an extremely easy and painless process. Instead of reinventing the wheel here, I am going to let the following links guide you through the process, plus introduce some useful and relevant information you will probably want to be aware of:

Now that you know how it is done, it is time to add the AUGI Forums search engine to your list. Here [http://forums.augi.com/search.php?] is the URL to plug-in.

With the AUGI Forums search engine plugged in, you can now simply search the AUGI Forums from the comfort of the Search Bar (even if you are not logged into the forums).

Going one step further, you could add the AUGI custom search engines I put together the other day using Google Co-op - Search AUGI and/or AUGI Forums using Google Co-op

  1. AUGI Forums - Search only the AUGI Forums.
  2. AUGI (minus AUGI Forums) - Search AUGI.com minus the AUGI Forums.
  3. AUGI and AUGI Forums - Search AUGI.com and the AUGI Forums.

If you do decide to add any of the above custom search engines, you may like to use the AUGI icon AUGI icon instead of the Google one. To do this, browse / point to the following location when going through the process of adding one of the custom search engines...


Add AUGI icon to Search Engine Bar

Of course it would not be Firefox, if there were not at least one or two Extensions (Add-ons) available to help make the whole process easier; add some additional functionality. Presented below are a few such Extensions:

  • Add to Search Bar - Adds the option "Add to Search Bar..." to the right click menu when in a search field.
  • Context Search - Expands the context menu's "Search for" option into a list of your installed search engines.
  • OpenSearchFox - Adds the option "Add OpenSearch plugin" to the right click menu when in a search field.
  • Searchbar Autosizer - Auto-sizes the Search Bar as you type, and can automatically clear the search criteria from the Search Bar after it is submitted.
  • SearchLoad Options - Adds a few options for tweaking the Search Bar's default behaviour.
  • SearchWith - Adds "Search With" to the context menu; comes with a configurable list of search engines / services.
  • SearchWords - Assign keywords to your search engines for quick and easy access.
  • Web Search Pro - Manage your list of search engines, plus much more. One cool feature is Drag & DropZones, drag selected search criteria on any web page, and drop it in 1 of 16 fully customizable DropZones.

I hope the above has helped show how flexible and powerful the Search Bar can be, especially after spending a little bit of time customising / tweaking.

Internet Explorer and Opera users may wish to take a look at the following couple of links:

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