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Mozilla releases Firefox 3 Beta 2. Here come the Robots!

Firefox 3 Beta 2

Source of above image: Firefox 3 Beta 2 first run page

A couple of days ago (2007-12-18), Mozilla officially released Firefox 3 Beta 2.

Already there is a fair amount of coverage on the web, discussing / reviewing this second beta release (refer to the links listed below).

After carrying out some pretty non scientific testing during the past 48 hours, it became obvious that Firefox 3 Beta 2 outperforms (in a very! good way) Firefox 2.0... when it comes to memory management / usage.

On my set-up / system and with my browsing habits (multiple tabs open - 6 to 8 minimum at a time; listening to podcasts; etc) Firefox 3 Beta 2 consumes somewhere in the region of 40 to 50% less memory than Firefox 2.0... Of course your own mileage may vary.

Firefox 3 Beta 2 discussions / reviews:

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