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AUGI Survey, February 2008 - Take the BLAUGI Survey

AUGI Survey - Take the BLAUGI Survey AUGI's monthly survey turns its focus on BLAUGI this month (February 2008). Please take 5 minutes and answer the 9 questions that make up the survey.

The survey runs until 2008-02-29, so please take 5 minutes out of your day and tell us what you think of BLAUGI.

Thank you!


How often do you visit BLAUGI?
Seldom or Never because I subscribe to the feed. Or is reading the feed counted as visiting BLAUGI?
Now I have made a comment and can answer that as well because I didn't remember if I ever commented before.

Hi Jimmy

In the context of the survey I would say reading the feed counts as visiting BLAUGI (as you are interacting with BLAUGI via your RSS Reader). Just my personal opinion on the question asked.

Just for your info, you have posted a comment previously. Please see here [ BLAUGI finally goes round the bend. ].

Thank you for taking the time to take the survey.

Take care, Mike

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