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Mozilla releases Firefox 3 Beta 3. New icons make an appearance.

Three days ago (2008-02-12), Mozilla officially released Firefox 3 Beta 3.

Firefox 3 Beta 3

The above screen capture shows the new Windows XP icons (note, they are still subject to change before the final release of Firefox 3) used on the Navigation Toolbar and the new default location of the Home button on the Bookmarks Toolbar.

The most noticeable difference, at least at first glance, between Beta 3 and Beta 2 is the appearance of the new Operating System (Windows XP / Vista, OS Z and Linux) dependent icons.

At the end of the day such a change is only really skin deep, the real differences, the things that will ultimately bring the most rewarding long-term benefits to Firefox (and its users) are the continued improvements and tweaks being made under the hood (refer to the links listed below for details).

All 3 Beta releases have been very! stable and have proved more than reliable enough to earn their place as my everyday work browser of choice; each Beta release has definitely improved on the one before - here's looking forward to the release of Beta 4.

Firefox 3 Beta 3 discussions / reviews:

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