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New shiny BLAUGI icon for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

BLAUGI Apple Touch icon Kudos to Steve Stafford for helping me with the creation of the BLAUGI (Apple Touch) icon you see to the left and the contents of this post.

If you use either the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch to browse BLAUGI (via the very impressive mobile version of Safari), you can now save BLAUGI as a webclip to either device and get BLAUGI's very own custom Apple Touch Icon - instead of the default standard icon offered if a web site does offer their own custom Apple Touch Icon.

To add BLAUGI as a webclip to either your iPhone or iPod Touch Home Screen:

  • Browse to BLAUGI [ http://www.blaugi.com/ ] using Safari.
  • Click the + that appears on the Navigation bar (grey band at the bottom of the device's screen).
  • Choose "Add to Home Screen"
  • Accept the name offered as a label or type what you want.
  • Click the Blue "Add" button

That's it!

Bonus Tip from Steve - To see how to customize your Home Screen, move/remove icons etc. Check out the following video:

Additional information: Shiny new icon for the iPhone and iPod Touch


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