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Autodesk University 2008: Call for Papers and Presenters

Autodesk University 2008

The below is courtesy of the Autodesk University area on AUGI.com

AU 2008: Seeking great presenters

Autodesk University would not be the year’s essential learning and networking event without excellent presentations from experts (like you). When you share your knowledge of a favourite topic - everything from tips and tricks to power features, building a business to building a community - you not only help bring success to design professionals and their organizations. You also demonstrate your expertise to thousands of your peers and gain an invaluable credential that can promote your business success.

A speaker honorarium is also provided.

For more information, or to submit your proposals online - submissions deadline is April 27, 2008 - visit the Call for Papers website.

Additional information: AU2008: Call for Papers Now Open

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