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AutoCAD Wish List Ballot Results, February 2008.

AUGI AutoCAD Wish List Presented below are the Top 10 wishes from the AutoCAD Wish List, February 2008 voting cycle:

  1. Convert PDF to DWG Submitted by Samuel Flores
  2. Solid Hatch Opacity Setting Submitted by Paul Westhelle
  3. Lock the Scale of a Viewport While Allowing Panning Submitted by Chris Lindner
  4. Command to Send all Hatches to Back Submitted by Clinton Campbell
  5. Compare Two Drawings Submitted by Paul Eyden
  6. Text Wrap in Dimensions Submitted by Michael Shick
  7. Lock Drawing order of Specific Objects Submitted by Yair Yes
  8. Autocreate Dynamic Blocks from Existing Blocks Submitted by Brad Sanada
  9. Attach and Overlay Options for Images Submitted by Chris Payne
  10. Option to Print to Multiple Devices or Formats at One Time Submitted by Steven Hill

You can continue to submit new wishes to the AutoCAD Wish List by filling out the AutoCAD Wish List Submission Form.

To see the results from all past voting cycles, visit the AutoCAD Wish List Voting Results page.


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