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Inventor Wish List Ballot Results, February 2008.

AUGI Autodesk Inventor Wish List Presented below are the Top 10 wishes from the Inventor Wish List, February 2008 voting cycle:

  1. AutoSave Submitted by Ivanka R.
  2. Arc Length Dimension in Sketch Submitted by Ian Schell
  3. Add "IF" Function to Parameters Dialog Box (Boolean Operators) Submitted by Jim Swain
  4. Ability to Print Summarized BOM Submitted by Mike Hilvers
  5. Record Macros Submitted by Duncan Anderson
  6. Label the Axis Indicator with X, Y & Z Submitted by Mike Hilvers
  7. Tool Tip Part Identification Submitted by Marcelo De Tomasi
  8. Automatic IDW of Mirrored Part Submitted by Ivanka R.
  9. Shrinkwrap Assemblies Submitted by Mike Jolicoeur
  10. Abililty to Auto Arrange Drawing Dimensions Submitted by Jason Harjo

You can continue to submit new wishes to the Inventor Wish List by filling out the Inventor Wish List Submission Form.

To see the results from all past voting cycles, visit the Invertor Wish List Voting Results page.


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