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Revit Architecture Wish List Ballot Results, February 2008.

AUGI Revit Architecture Wish List Presented below are the Top 10 wishes from the Revit Architecture Wish List, February 2008 voting cycle:

  1. Better railing functionality Submitted by Robert Manna
  2. Add right click option to repeat last command Submitted by Gary Barley
  3. Convert in-place into component families Submitted by Virgilio Gonzales
  4. Allow Revit to allow Text in linetypes Submitted by Yates Chris
  5. Ability to track revisions, and list what sheets have been changed. Submitted by Scott Womack
  6. Hip/ridge/valley tools Submitted by Simon Kumm
  7. Duplicate sheets like duplicating views Submitted by Dave Plumb
  8. Convert curtain wall to door/window Submitted by Bram Weinreder
  9. Make ceiling heights in Room objects automatic Submitted by Michael Patrick
  10. I wish I was able to add a door in a curtain wall without having to size the curtain wall grid. Submitted by Virgilio Gonzales

You can continue to submit new wishes to the Revit Architecture Wish List by filling out the Revit Architecture Wish List Submission Form.

To see the results from all past voting cycles, visit the Revit Architecture Wish List Voting Results page.


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