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XVL Translator (Exporter) Add-in for Inventor 2008 and 2009

Autodesk Labs - XVL Translator Add-in for Inventor 2008 Heads-up, a ‘XVL Translator (Exporter) Add-in’ is now available for Autodesk Inventor 2009. For details refer to the following announcement by Scott Sheppard - Lattice Technology: XVL Converters for Autodesk Inventor

Today (2008-04-10) over on Autodesk Labs, Scott Sheppard announced the availability of an XVL Translator Add-in (comes with the option to select English or Japanese language version when installing) for Autodesk Inventor 2008.

Source: XVL Converter for Autodesk Inventor 2008 Now Available


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