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Autodesk Seek, search, select and specify building products from within Autodesk 2009 products.

Autodesk Seek

The below is taken from Autodesk Press Release - Autodesk Unveils Autodesk Seek Web Service for AEC Industries

Autodesk’s New Web Services Empowers Architects, Engineers and Designers to Search, Select and Specify Building Products from within their Design Applications

SAN RAFAEL, Calif., May 6 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Driving the move to integrate rich information directly into building designs, Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) today announced the launch of Autodesk Seek, a groundbreaking web service that allows architects, engineers and designers to search, select and specify building products using Autodesk's advanced search technology.

Autodesk Seek provides a consolidated online source for building product design information and delivers information-rich results -- including relevant design files in multiple formats from within the customer’s design applications. Design files can be easily dropped directly into the designer’s building model or drawing, reducing the need to recreate individual components in the design. This embedded search functionality is now available in the 2009 U.S. versions of Autodesk’s Revit-based software applications, as well as AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD MEP. The web service is also available through standard browsers at http://seek.autodesk.com/.

“Autodesk Seek enhances designers’ productivity by helping to eliminate the pain of looking for specific building product information and their associated design files, which are often scattered across various sources such as catalogs and online libraries,” said Jeff Wright, director, Content Solutions, at Autodesk. “With this new Autodesk web service, architects, designers and building engineers can now more easily focus on what they do best -- creating innovative building designs.“

Today’s announcement around search reinforces Autodesk’s push to empower architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms by delivering new applications and technology solutions that build on the foundations of building information modeling (BIM), and that support its customers’ need to create, predict and deliver their ideas in increasingly more optimal and more effective ways.

The Autodesk Seek web service connects the millions of designers in the AutoCAD and Revit communities with the building products of manufacturers who understand the value of making their product information available to designers at the right time and the right place -- in the design software application. Benefits to users and suppliers include:

  • Access -- Designers working in AutoCAD and Revit-based applications can quickly access specifications and design files among a universe of building products and insert them directly into their drawings or building models.
  • Precision -- Designers can find what they are looking for based on key product characteristics (e.g., dimensions, materials or “green” performance criteria) through the Autodesk Seek parametric search engine.
  • Standards -- Autodesk Seek supports industry data standards and design formats, allowing architects and engineers using any design package to access a breadth of product information from their desktops.
  • Reusability -- Designers can find and re-use models rather than searching for information each time they begin a new project. Manufacturers’ product information investments can be reused in other online initiatives.

Autodesk Seek is slated to be showcased at AIA Expo2008 in Boston, May 15-17, at Autodesk booth #20121.

In the months ahead, Autodesk Seek content and categories will continue to expand to support new industries and products, with the addition of further building product manufacturers (BPMs) and partners.

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The Autodesk Seek Search engine truly will solve a key issue for all Revit users: locating BIM Objects. What it doesn't do today is discriminate between Good, Ok, and Bad objects. It doesn't have the equivalent of Page Rank for BIM Objects that would rank BIM objects in terms of quality. I am told that Autodesk is working on this...

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