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iMap Add-in for Inventor 2009

Autodesk Labs - iMap for Inventor 2009 Yesterday (2008-06-09) over on Autodesk Labs, Scott Sheppard announced the availability of a “iMap” Add-in for Autodesk Inventor 2009.

Direct link to “iMap” Add-in for Inventor:

The below is taken from the “iMap User Guide” (available as a PDF download via the above link):

iMap for Autodesk Inventor provides intuitive, graphical views to help Inventor software users easily visualize, understand and control important relationships and constraints in Inventor assemblies especially those that were originally created by someone else.
Map complements existing Inventor display concepts by providing innovative new capabilities to help you work with information that has traditionally been thought of as non-graphical. With iMap, you can:
  • Identify and edit complex constraint relationships
  • Repair broken relationships
  • Create relationships between components without having to select topology
  • Identify and edit complex skeletal modeling designs
  • Create export new objects to support skeletal modeling and create relationships
Together these enhancements make it possible to work with larger views, do more design tasks around interfaces, and provide a wealth of information not easily found otherwise. This helps enable Functional Design – allowing Inventor users to spend more time on the functional aspects of their designs, while spending less time on tedious geometry-based tasks and confusing relationships between components.

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