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2008 Annual AUGI Salary Survey needs *your* (anonymous) input!

2008 - Annual AUGI Salary Survey Below information kindly supplied by Melanie Perry (AUGI Salary Survey Manager).

Every year AUGI polls its membership (participation is anonymous), and reports how much money people in your! field are actually earning.

Last year, participation was down a little from the year prior, this year we would like to reverse that trend and see record numbers (especially from contributing non North American members). Why? Simple, the more people that take part in this anonymous Salary Survey, the greater accuracy and validity we can give back to you! our members via the published results - Salary Survey 2007

We hope you managed to take a look at the entire archive pages from previous years, as we provided more information than ever before:

We hoped you enjoyed the Jan/Feb 2008 AUGIWorld layout and the new podcast (highlights from AUGI's 2007 CAD Salary Survey).

Please take the time to read over the updated FAQ. We work very hard to cover as much as we can, and re-examine the options every year, but, there /are/ certain limitations to what we can currently do, and they are listed in this pdf. If you think of something we haven't covered in the FAQ, please feel free to drop Melanie Perry a line at SalarySurvey@augi.com

The survey runs until June 30th (2008-06-30), so please take 5 minutes out of your day and make your anonymous contribution to this great resource.

Initial results will be published in the Sept/Oct 2008 edition of AUGIWorld magazine, with the remainder available on the website afterwards.

Thank you for your time, your peers appreciate it!

Additional information: CAD/Design/Architecture/Engineering Salary Survey


It's not anonymous if you have to log in to provide your data.

I knew you wouldn't post that comment.

Oops! Just found your two comments in TypePad's comments spam area.

Please refer to the "FAQ" referenced in the above blog post, especially the content under sub-heading "Privacy Matters".

Additionally if you are an AUGI member and allow AUGI to send you email (controlled via "My AUGI"), you should have received an "AUGI Connection" email last weekend - Subject: Take the 2008 AUGI CAD Salary Survey - that contained the following statement:

"As always, your participation in AUGI's CAD Salary Survey is anonymous. We do not track, capture, or in any way link individual AUGI members with the survey data they provide."

If you have any further concerns / questions relating to the AUGI Salary Survey please contact the AUGI Salary Survey Manager (contact details are given in above blog post). The AUGI Salary Survey Manager will be able to address any concerns or answer any questions you may have a lot better than myself.

Take care, Mike

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