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AUGI and SolidVapor to end current relationship

AUGI News SolidVapor has been the primary service provider managing the execution of AUGI programs on behalf of the AUGI Board of Directors and the membership at large since they were contracted in mid 2004. AUGI and SolidVapor have mutually agreed to end this current relationship. SolidVapor had been tasked with managing programs for AUGI including, but not limited to the following: AUGI's web assets, event planning, and marketing. The AUGI Board of Directors appreciate the work that SolidVapor has put into managing AUGI assets over these last four years and wish them well in their future endeavors. During the transition the AUGI Board of Directors will be working closely with SolidVapor to ensure that there is no interruption or disruption in services or programs.

The AUGI Board of Directors is dedicated to its member centric community. We are and will remain the AUGI you have come to know and love. We are all about our main goals… developing an independent peer to peer community, focused on expanding and sharing knowledge of Autodesk products and solutions through networking opportunities driven by volunteers. We believe that community defines itself, and that our members are the core of our community. Most importantly, we feel that our member programs are the most important components of AUGI.

We appreciate our members’ patience as we transition toward the future. In the next few months you will see a stronger organization, more focused on member needs and more nimble in our ability to provide member driven programs. We will be involving more of our members in leadership roles, expanding our global community, and providing more focused services to our members. AUGI has always valued volunteers and as we move ahead we will be in need of volunteers in existing and new areas. If you want to help, now is the time. If you have recommendations for change, let us know. AUGI is here for our members.

Our purpose statement says it best… AUGI is one vibrant global community that fosters collaboration to empower members and enrich knowledge of Autodesk solutions, advancing productivity and effectiveness…

Please stay tuned for additional news.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mark W. Kiker
President – Autodesk User Group International


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