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Catalog Hotfix for AutoCAD MEP 2009 Russian

AutoCAD MEP 2009 Russian Hotfix A couple of weeks ago Autodesk released (Published date: 2008-07-29) a ‘Hotfix’ for AutoCAD MEP 2009 Russian:

Don't forget to download and read the accompanying Readme file (English & Russian language versions available).

The below is taken from the download page.

Issue: An untranslated version of certain Content Browser catalogs was included in the shipping Russian version of AutoCAD MEP 2009. As a result, when Russian users open the Metric Design and Documentation Tool Catalogs, the English sub-catalog names and tool descriptions are displayed.
Resolution: Extract the contents of the zip file to the location specified in the readme.
Note: This will overwrite the English catalogs with the corresponding Russian files.


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