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Nominations for AUGI Board of Directors 2009 - 2010 are now! open

AUGI Board of Directors Nominations

Below information kindly supplied by Bill Adams (AUGI BoD member - Vice President).

October 1st is just the beginning... of what? A fantastic and rewarding experience for any hardworking volunteer!

So what’s happening that Wednesday? Members are given yet another way to be involved with AUGI. You can do this either by nominating someone for the Board of Directors or throwing your own hat into the ring for the next term.

Being a Director requires some work, effort and carries responsibility, but it offers many rewards as well. So how do I apply, you may ask? All the details can be found on this page “AUGI Board of Directors Nominations”.

If you are considering running for the Board, keep in mind that they meet in person three times per year. In January, June and at Autodesk University near year’s end (for a combined total of about two weeks minimum). There are also monthly teleconferences to keep everyone on the same page. So, you can anticipate about 15-20 hours per month (maybe more, depending on the level of your involvement).

Nominations need to be submitted to the AUGI Nominating Committee Chair no later than 5pm EDT Tuesday, October 21, 2008.


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