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AutoCAD Wish List Ballot Results, July 2008

AUGI AutoCAD Wish List Presented below are the Top 10 wishes from the AutoCAD Wish List, July 2008 voting cycle:

  1. Design File Locking Submitted by Kevin Westie
  2. Block Manager Submitted by Yair Y
  3. Option to Highlight Overridden Dimensions Submitted by David Harrington
  4. Selection Set to Remain While Zooming and Panning Submitted by Mateo Garcia
  5. Isometric Tools Submitted by Raymond Pasco
  6. Convert MTEXT into a Multileader Submitted by Brad Sanada
  7. Specific Levels of Draw Order Submitted by Brad Sanada
  8. Option for Spell Check in Right Click Menu Submitted by Steve Balliet
  9. Associate a Layerstate to a Viewport Submitted by Irné Barnard
  10. Quickly View Whats on a Layer Submitted by Julie Walker

You can continue to submit new wishes to the AutoCAD Wish List by filling out the AutoCAD Wish List Submission Form.

To see the results from all past voting cycles, visit the AutoCAD Wish List Voting Results page.


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