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Bob says, "Check out the new Inventor Support Blog!"

Are you in manufacturing?  Looking for some Inventor support?  I just got an email from Bob Van der Donck, the Inventor Technical Lead in the Product Support group at Autodesk.  He'd like all AUGI members to know about a new blog in the 'o-sphere.


“On May 1 2009, the Inventor Product Support Team has officially launched a new blog to the growing list on Autodesk.com.


The purpose of this blog is to provide proactive support to both partners and customers based on the experiences we develop from issues coming in from the field.  Our hope is that this will better equip both partners and users to solve their own problems as quickly as possible without the need to reach out beyond their web browser.

As the Inventor line continues to expand into more specialize areas it is more important than ever that we react to hot issues quickly and broadcast the lessons learned to help others.  Our goal is to ensure our customers have the best experience possible with our Inventor family of products.”


Check it out!


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