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AUGI Launches New Publication - AUGI AEC Edge

AUGI and Extension Media are excited to announce AUGI AEC Edge - A new publication launched today that is focused on the AEC industry.

AUGI AEC Edge is dedicated to providing cutting edge industry information and useful tips on all aspects of Autodesk's digital design software necessary for accurate project design, visualization and analysis. This valuable information will enable readers to deliver their projects faster, with greater accuracy, creativity and with reduced environmental impact.

Cover_AUGIAECEDGE_Spring09The Premiere issue of AUGI AEC Edge will focus on exciting developments in the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process and Revit solutions with features articles, news, and contributions from industry leaders.

Who might want to read this new publication?

The long term readers are those in the AEC industry. Premiere issue readers are those who are interested in increasing their knowledge of BIM and BIM Processes. Every level of professional, beginner, intermediate and advanced, will take away something. The content will be relevant to firms of all sizes, and will be particularly timely to architecture, structural, mechanical, civil, and others.

AUGI AEC Edge speaks to the pulse of the AEC world because AUGI collectively produces best practices and shares them. Nowhere else will you find the articles with the breadth of knowledge, depth of industry understanding, and a "get the job done" attitude. Through years of collective experience on a vast array of project types, our authors have developed the technical knowledge and peer to peer wisdom that only comes from AUGI's open forum manner of discussions. These discussions, experiences and perspectives are distilled down to practical articles by contributing authors that are well known industry experts.

The Premier issue will be distributed in digital formats and will be promoted on the AUGI website and on Extension Media.

To see the Premiere issue go to: http://www.augiaecedge.com


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