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AUGI 2009 Election Results

AUGI 2009 Election Results are in...

The AUGI Board of Directors is pleased to announce the election results of the 2009 year end election.

After 14 days of voting, the official results of the AUGI Board of Directors Year end Election are available. Each of candidates were considered and voted on individually. The eight candidates with the highest number of positive votes were elected to serve on the AUGI Board of Directors 2010/2011.

Those elected include:

Bill Adams - Returning member

Donnie Gladfelter

David Harrington

Peter Jamtgaard - Returning member

Paul Kirill

Ken Leary

John Morgan - Returning member

Jane Smith

Please join all of AUGI in welcoming them. 

Mark Kiker and Dario Passariello are returning to complete the 2010 Board.

Departing Member:

Now that the elections are complete, we bid farewell to a long term board member. We wish him well and hope that he stays connected. Richard Binning has served for 6 years on the Board and served as president for 2006 and 2007. Richard was instrumental in many of the initiatives over the six years he served, but mostly made great strides in overseeing the web area.

He has served in some way in almost all of AUGI including International development, Local Chapter development, Education, BLAUGI, Governance, Autodesk University and CAD Camp development. We are glad that he served, worked and became a friend to all the board members and many of you. He will be greatly missed.


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