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AUGI Top DAUG Contest Winner

AUGI Top DAUG competition was held at AU2009 with over 300 participating in the challenge.  It consisted of two rounds of effort. The first was an on-screen series of questions that determined the Top Ten finalists. For the second round they were invited back to compete in a head to head live drawing test. AutoCAD 2010 was the release that the challenge focused on, which was designed by 4D Technologies.

The Top Ten finalists at the end of round one were (in order from 1 to 10) Cory Honeyman, Timothy Vaughan, Shauna Anderson, Richard Lawrence, Claude Godin, Jim Swain, Chris Groves, Paul Kirill, Kevin Hawkins and Jeanne Aarhus. These finalists were invited back to the AUGI Booth for the live final competition.  Seven returned for the shoot out.

Each finalist was asked to draw specific designs inside of AutoCAD 2010.  They then queried the design to answer a question that was posed.  There were 15 question possible within a time limit of 15 minutes.  Just one minute, on average, to draw and then answer the question. 

The Top DAUG 2009 Winner is Timothy Vaughan.  He got 6 answers correct out of 15.  On his heals was Richard Lawrence with the same amount correct but 4 seconds behind the front runner.  Third place and beyond went to Chris Groves, Claude Godin, Jim Swain, Kevin Hawkins and Shauna Anderson.

The winner received an HP Mini notebook computer courtesy of HP, presented by Stephanie Ellis of HP.  He also will receive a FREE PASS to Autodesk University 2010.

The Top Ten Finalists from Round One will receive a one month subscription to CADLearning.com

The Finalists in Action

More Action...

T-Vaughan in action
The Winner at work

Don Schwartz (4D Technologies), Timothy Vaughan, Mark Kiker, Stephanie Ellis (HP)


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