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What Matters Now - Give Generously

In this economy, we are all looking for game changers.  A way to focus energy and create something that is more than simply the sum of the parts. Seth Godin has accomplished this in a series of one-page essays contributed by a remarkable group of more than 70 people which comprise the free ebook called What Matters Now.


In the intro to the ebook, Seth talks about changing the goal from collecting to one of giving. Rather than focusing your efforts on ensuring that you get your fair share. Try giving more than your share... you'll find that you'll receive far more in return than your share cost you.

This type of thinking is well known to us.  It is what makes AUGI such a unique community. I know many contributors in the AUGI community that have always embraced this concept and demonstrated it through action.  Thanks to all of them! 


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