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Latest Forum Posts 2010.01.06

Reading the .slog file

Forum:  Revit Architecture - General

Posted:  January 6, 2010

Is there any way to find out from the .slog if someone accidentally used "select all instances" then deleted items? I'm trying to figure out how all dimensions disappeared so that it doesn't happen again. The .slog file is a bunch of programmer jibberish. :P

add a directory to Support File Search Path

Forum:  AutoLISP

Posted:  January 6, 2010

Noble members, I am looking for a way to simply append, at will, some paths to the Support File Search Path and load some partial menus. In psuedocode it would be something like this...

Generic Annotations - RAC 2010

Forum:  Revit Architecture - General

Posted:  January 6, 2010

We are trying to make a keyplan for a building we are working on, and am running into a problem. We are making it a generic annotation, which would seem to be correct, but some of the lines are to small, so we get that annoying error of "Element is to small on screen", we can scale it up, and get...

Importing Survey Points?

Forum:  AutoCAD Land Desktop - General

Posted:  January 6, 2010

Hello,another question on importing points? LDD 2008: I am trying to import survey points, I have created a coded description library, I have created a series of blocks associated with the point descriptions, I have created a figure_prefix.txt file. I have imported the description key file into...

Importing dwg into a Revit RCP

Forum:  Revit Architecture - General

Posted:  January 6, 2010

When I link a dwg file that I get from a MEP consultant I can't get it to show up in my RCP, it only comes in at the floor plan. Is there a way to get it to show up in the RCP without exploding it?


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