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AUGI CAD Camp Los Angeles - Top DAUG Winners

AUG14793_CAD-CampLogoF-4c72dpi On Feb. 16th AUGI CAD Camp continued its roll-out of the 2010 tour in Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott.

Classes included topics like:

3D Design from Concept to Completion in AutoCAD – Instructor: Heidi Hewett

Collecting and Managing Basemap Data in Civil 3D – Instructor: Rick Ellis Creating

Functional Families in Revit® Architecture 2010 – Instructor: Shobhit Baadkar

Creating Standards that Users will Use! – Instructor: Robert Green


Here are the top ten Top DAUGs from that event

  1. Max Lobo
  2. Joel Londenberg
  3. Martha Williams
  4. Jarrod Baumann
  5. Jacob Balzer
  6. Mark Hartman
  7. Jesse Wheat
  8. Antonio Soriano
  9. Jarrod Kidder
  10. Tito Montero

Many more opportunities to go to an AUGI CAD Camp near you.

Go to www.augicadcamp.com


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